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It’s just marketing nonsense best ignored. Again, consider his age and wage before you decide to keep or sell him. I really would like to use this Just, Remove app – Turn iPad off and on – Reapply after app install. Has anyone else found Serie A easy or had an opposite experience? So I think my point is, any league can become easy so to speak when the sides are so evenly match to start with. So I hope you understand that even if it sounds awkward. I have no credit in this just expanding on the guide to help others.

It’s called the Premier League. Ashley Penfold-Smith – Has anyone got a pack with updated kits? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Apparently you can add all the logos, faces etc to the pc version of touch and then spit them out as. I don’t believe it is possible to put player pictures, alter logos and badges in the FM Touch 18 ios version of the game.

Get original faces of [ There are a total of twelve opportunities for graphics change.

Very suprising considering the media expectation was to get 8th. Aint Zlatan a big beast in the air?

Originally Posted by Titus Shambles. Cambaire defaults trasferimenti By: He could score lots from distance, really.

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I followed the link to the korean website above and downloaded the following graphics pack. You will encounter a lot of bizarre tactical set-ups and formations that don’t match the squads. I’ve got updated 0. I have got an iPad Pro and it works!!!!!


I wouldn’t know thought as I’m still stuck at Serie C1 level. I actually believe France is on the rise too with the competition to Lyon stepping up. Has anyone got a pack with updated kits? But I wanted to ask u about the tactics, witch one of em is to be the main one?

A lot of countries use their first division as the premier league so English Premier League makes sense to me All you have to do is download the packs in individually and then create a folder structure below and then drop the contents of each you have download into the correct folder as stated above. Siege con Rosario Salatiello.

FM 2012 Logopacks

You can retrain him, but he won’t be that good. F M19 Carriere Raccontateci le vostre avventure in panchina Tell us here your adventures on the bench. I don’t know why people take it so seriously!

Its a different brand of football, each league in each country is. It can be seen that it is applied after a long loading time.

I think over the next few years u will so a rise in bundesliga temas in janager as there foundations in german football financially are allowing there teams to grow slowly and due to the coaching and youth development of the spanish teams they will be up there for years to come.


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From what I can gather as long as the faces match the codes to the PC version you should be fine. My game is Football Manager – Version Database best vintage By: When applying a skin file for the first time, it uses the fact that it reloads to the cache.

Football Manager Graphics:

As soon as someone scores it shows the replay after and there is a small replay button to skip watching the goal again. I don’t believe it is possible to put player pictures, alter logos and badges in the FM Touch 18 ios version of the game.

Abbiamo aggiornato la normativa sulla privacy. Thank you for patience and good luck! The Neub dark skin is build upon the default dark skin but with a number of new panels [ Megapack Technical Support thread – all other threads will be locked. News on the Italian National Team and on the other teams People dismiss la Liga because Real and Barca are always miles ahead, but they are miles ahead of the english teams too!!