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I saw some bottleneck, so I developed OSDb. Hopes it doesnt require a completely rewrite of your code, and if so, just ignore this idea. If you offer such a service, people will use it and then, how will you be able to pay for hosting, etc. Dynamo – Animated Video Watermark. Traceback most recent call last: I just tried it after installing version 6. However, when I am playing the movie, there are some colour lines on the screen which I cannot get rid of…there are 4 green coloured lines in the middle of the screen from top to bottom and more smaller lines on the right side bottom of the screen as well…looks like there is a frame! As nicely written previously, your site has become a problem.

Ignore the haters out there who are afraid of the new 3 years old interface they were too lazy to implement themselves. Select and sort the ones you want to use more to come. Select all We could live having your users uploading subtitles from our site to yours because this is fair assuming that you do not scan our site…. The easiest way is this but more advance users might want to use categories instead and only apply this to video files. I know what the problems is — your files are too big.

But Kodi is not a streaming service.

Before you can install this add-on, you have to register your e-mail address with the app developer. There are people actors, directors, writers, etc that make the movies and shows that the scene rips and publishes. For users who still want to to use OpenSubtitles addon, the original instructions are at the end of this article.


This add-on scans feliratok. Account Options Sign in. Brilliant read, I just passed this onto a co-worker who was making a little research on that. Traceback most recent call last: That is this interface which is the problem!

NZBGet : [PP-Script / Scan-Script] Automatically Fetch Subtitles – Page 23

Firstly many thanks for the great service you are offering. In pay to use it, you have to install addons created by other users.

A profile consists of: Oscar is not site-specific. What about an option to check within the MaxAge window for items with a higher score, so the script might update to the correct. Try ask users what they think about this. Although we believe the subtitle addons we list in this article are safe, not all Kodi addons are. It really makes us want to help you. Create an entry with the optional settings: I just wanted to thank you!

I believe that the problem is that, from now, with your new appi, people will mostly come to your site.

MightySubs has been made for you. This db can only be a good thing. To change the language that the subtitles are in, start at the main menu.

There is no way to directly change this from within a movie. Its all about innovating, and making things user friendly.

So it’s really not that much extra overhead to just go with the basic approach above. First, the site is always down. Being number one is xubtitles course nice but killing the very source of your subtitles might discourage translators… You podnapis also let them profit from their own efforts… I believe that since you are around, they must have lost a lot of their users, but now, with this new tool, they would lose them all.


English and yours according to your device, if available 23 languages in the premium version – Multi-languages support: Afterward, if you like the app and want to download more, please consider the premium version. In my opinion competition is podnapis, it keeps you on your toes trying to do your best to top someone else.

There are still users, who coming to this post and checking the guide. Used English subs,shows up OK. Brilliant idea,so simply and concisely explained,thank you so much.

This doesn’t always work; but not for reasons of a bug.

[PP-Script / Scan-Script] Automatically Fetch Subtitles – Page 23 – NZBGet Forum

We include these instructions for users who still want to use this method. Currently there is almost 1. A dumby uploader name is in no subtitlfs the recognition of the work made for a site!!!! First you should read: Did the same with another subtitle file but same negative result.

I also hope that we etate contribute in sharing their great work with other communities and thus providing appreciation, feedback and expanding their fame.