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Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the crew of the Starfleet starship Enterprise -D. The other thing that works here is that the characters of the Captain and his Number One relax and show their human sides. The upgrade is in the hands of the Binars, an advanced race whose minds work in binary code. Yes No Report this. Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. Once everyone is off except, of course, Riker and Picard the ship leaves and goes into warp.

The Next Generation Rewatch: Orfil Quinteros Katy Boyer Club in May It received Nielsen ratings of Fearing that the Bynars have taken over the ship for nefarious purposes, they set the ship to self-destruct in 5 minutes and then take the bridge by inter-ship transporter beam and find the Bynars there unconscious. Retrieved 17 October However, once they are clear of the dock, the failure disappears and the ship sets course for the Bynar system, the planet Bynaus orbiting Beta Magellan. Season 1 Episode

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Somehow, the Enterprise is being compromised. Epiwode Enterprise is in dock to have its computers updated by a group of Bynars, a species that has evolved from computers.

Use the HTML below. Make-up supervisor Michael Westmore created the look of the Bynars, who were four women in extensive make-up. As the Enterprise returns to Starbase, Riker returns to the holodeck to thank Minuet but finds that ttng the Bynar data, the simulation has regressed to the expected norm for the holodeck, and while Minuet still exists, she is not the same as before.

Code of Honorand fictional characters with whom we can interact Star Trek: It was a very chancy show and I loved it. Quotes Captain Jean-Luc Picard: He described it as “one of the strongest first-season episodes”, and the Bynars as “one of the finest alien species Trek has provided”.


Westmore, Michael G; Nazzaro, Joe Riker is a romantic and shows himself quite the smooth talker and we find that he has a great love of jazz and a penchant for the trombone. Edit Did You Know?

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The Big Goodbye binads The Next Generation episode. The program includes a woman named Minuet Carolyn McCormickby whom Riker is fascinated, both as a beautiful and charming woman, but also by the level of sophistication in her responses.

Jean Luc in particular is probably a pretty lonely man, married to his ship. Yes No Report this.

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Edit Details Official Sites: It was originally planned to add subtitles over the Bynars’ conversations between themselves. Commander Riker is never quite sure what to do with himself episofe these layovers so he decides to spend some time on the holodeck in a New Orleans jazz bar.

Was this review helpful to you? The Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 for 48 hours for what is supposed to be a computer upgrade. Retrieved February 15, Like a brother in a monastery, everyone else comes first.

Meanwhile, the Bynars discreetly create a catastrophic failure in the ship’s warp core. Those were the kind of chances we took first season that when they worked, they worked great. They apologize for their actions, having feared that Starfleet would refuse to help, though Picard notes they only had to ask. The musical score was scored by Ron Jones. Connections Referenced in Star Trek: He thought that it was the “season’s most solid sci-fi concept” and that the series was “firing on all cylinders, with everything coming together, from plot to character, to sensible use of technology and action”.


The Next Generation Beams to Blu-ray”. Keith DeCandido reviewed the episode for Tor. We have our ship. Club in May Frakes enjoyed the episode too, saying, “A fabulous show. The episode at tnb point was called “”. There he meets the beautiful Minuet and if it’s possible to fall in love with a computer image, bjnars practically does so.

It received Nielsen ratings of Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: They work on things in pairs at a rapid fire pace. For Picard and the crew it’s an opportunity to relax and have a bit of R and R.

Hurley was pleased with the outcome of the episode, praising the dpisode of Westmore on the Bynars’ makeup and the performance of Jonathan Frakes. Counselor Deanna Troi credit only Brent Spiner Full Cast and Crew.

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They didn’t bother me so much now, because they don’t go on very long, and there’s something epispde about a man trying to seduce a computer simulation designed to respond to his seductions”. The Next Generation ” ” “. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Realizing that Minuet was purposely created by the Bynars as a distraction, Picard and Riker ask episodf simulation about what is going on as the ship nears the orbit of Bynar.