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Nathaniel Sat, Jan 19, , I agree that The death of the cogenitor is Archer’s fault for inexplicably refusing to grant asylum. This episode is a travesty. Would it still be shrugged off as “well that’s their culture” and non-interference be presented as the moral high ground? I have to agree with Trip on this and disagree with T’Pol and Archer. Slavery is only a vice in human value system after the th century Judeo-Christianization of the world. The writers obviously wanted to try something new and avoid the neatly packaged ending.

Why it usually gets such high praise as it gets is beyond me. World politics in the twenty-first century will in all likelihood be driven primarily by blowback from the second half of the twentieth century-that is, from the unintended consequences of the Cold War and the crucial American decision to maintain a Cold War posture in a post-Cold War world. There is no continuity between Archer’s actions over the previous seasons and his dressing down of Trip at the end here. I loved that this episode refused to take the easy way out and instead offered a cautionary tale about how difficult and dangerous first contact can be even when weapons aren’t being fired. Rio and his wife Larissa Laskin , and meets a mysterious individual called a “cogenitor” Becky Wahlstrom. Am I reading too much into it? Peremensoe Sun, Feb 17, , 8: The cogenitor later commits suicide, apparently knowing her existence in society will henceforth be an empty one.

They don’t apply here.

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If he had simply stated that he would not grant asylum because of earths foreign policy or because of his own decision based on fear of consequences? It’s certainly not something I’d deal with easily even if there hadn’t been all the wrongdoing involved. It was his decision.

Was this review helpful to you? It’s a horrible treatment of a sentient being, used only entsrprise sex and pro creation. When it didn’t I was absolutely shocked. That was unsayable when I was a kid. Captain Archer’s decision to return the cogenitor to the Vissians was the wrong decision plain and simple.

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Starfleet has a lot to learn about dealing with other societies. T’ArwenFeb 13, I wonder what the chief engineer and his wife would say if their much awaited child would turn out to be a cogenitor.


Just chiming in to agree with Verroak – I couldn’t have put it better myself. There is no expert testimony from anybody with any knowledge of the field, and this an article published by a newspaper with a transparent anti-immigration slant.

Full Cast and Crew. Coming towards the end wtar the second season, on the cusp of major changes to the way that Star Trek: It’s really that simple. Yanks Thu, Nov 13, Logan Wed, Nov 12,6: While some may say that the road ztar hell is paved with good intentions, that is also, if not more so, true of the non-interference approach.

My main problem is this- the cogenitor killed themself because it didnt want to live the way it was- could anyone really say that the cogenitor was properly alive as it living was before Trip intervened? Season 2 Episode The Vossians are the leaders of an enlightened United Commonwealth of Planets, which places great emphasis on individual freedom. I also very much agree with Eric’s comments above, particularly the points about Cognitor decision to send the cogenitor back.

Even though the probability is extremely low, there is still a possibility of that happening. Enterprisethe 22nd episode of the second season. Consider what we’ve said. Retrieved August 14, There is a sense that Cogenitor is making a none-too-subtle criticism of the assumptions that the Star Trek franchise has taken for granted over the years.

Kevin Thomas RileySep 18, Sar a combination of circumstances and decisions, Archer and Trip find that what should have been a triumphant humanist narrative became a tragedy. These are some of the questions that they must ask. I can easily identify with the Vissan oppression. It’s very easy to judge Trip based on already coming from ckgenitor future series where non-interference is very much set in place and this kind of thing is a bit closer to common sense though those days also of course had their substantial debates.

When Archer returns from his adventure with the Vissian captain, he is furious at Trip for interfering in Vissian affairs. Trip exposes the eponymous cogenitor to humanist ideals and philosophy, offering his guest a new way of looking at the cosmos.

It would have made for some great storytelling. I thought I would see more outrage ttrek, but to my dismay a lot of people agree with the stupid story. wpisode


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Trip didn’t make the cogenitor do anything. I think Trip probably shouldn’t have interfered in the first place, but once the damage was done, was Archer right to deny the person asylum?

I actually think it was quite a timely episode in the context of the turn of the millennium. They are always busy providing reproductive services to as many couples as they can.

The cogenitor is -as much a part of that ‘culture’ as anyone else. But Archer seems more upset at having been forced to learn this fact than about the fact itself. I am not defending slavery or in sexual repression, but who are e;isode to judge any other cultures value on what is morally right or wrong, if they don’t share our system of beliefs or ideologies.

It wasn’t general low-key Enterprise garbage this time. He teaches the cogenitor to read and puts human ideas of independence and growth in her head. Yanks – “It could easily be determined that the Vissian’s treatment of the cogenitors is acceptable and factually mandatory.

That’s being extremely ethnocentric, folks. If they have the same intellectual potential as the rest of the Vissians, how is it they haven’t realized this potential before, even in small numbers? What “Cogenitor” offers is some tough questions, tough answers, and surprisingly tough consequences. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could just enterpriae someone to have your children? Season 1, Episode 17, Rogue Planet, Archer interferes on behalf of the downtrodden creatures that are being hunted.

In the Federation a sentient being gets free will. This was part of a concerted effort by the White House following the invasion of Afghanistan to draw attention to the plight of Afghan women.