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Log in with Facebook. The story is pointless and un-fulfilling. A depiction of the brutal battle of Stalingrad, the Third Reich’s ‘high water mark’, as seen through the eyes of German officer Hans von Witzland and his battalion. Instead the film’s focus was on the explosions and slow-motion combat. Instead i couldn’t make myself watch it for 30minutes i was totally bored. Manfred Rohleder ‘Rollo’ Sebastian Rudolph

Simply don’t see this movie. Some German characters, especially main protagonist are depicted in a human way in contrary to familiar image of a German solder as animal, coward and rapist. The German semi-senior officer Kretchman finds himself falling for a Russian woman who reminds him of his dead wife. This film of his obviously is a little step forward for post Soviet cinema. The VFX and sound are amazing, absolutely first class and up there with the very best. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. Moreover, the script is so full of empty Russian bravado and propaganda one wonders if Vladimir Putin had a hand in writing it. Unfortunately you won’t witness the Battle of Stalingrad arriva 20 October

WWII gets the treatment as our fantastic heroes defeat the nasty Germans, sometimes single handedly killing a dozen men each in slow motion blood spraying hand to hand combat. The actors play way too fake, the story is crap, everything is so underlined that is as dreadful to watch as the 30s Soviet or Nazi propaganda or stalngrado US propaganda, really bad too.

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This movie is not except for the fact the Germans lost. I can understand a low rating for the boring scenes in between the fighting, but its just too low for what its really worth.


Overall, Stalingrad is a stteaming concoction, part Putin-era patriotic chest-thumping and part creaky war melodrama, all set in a superbly recreated ruined city. Natashka Anna von Haebler There are surely impressive scenes short truce in the plant; attack of Russian tanks, shooting of Russian civilians e. Stalingrad is long and operatic, but its message is simple enough: CGI effects and background are brilliant and I really enjoyed some of the action like tanks and mines scenes, but it lacks of really fast intense action scenes of soldier fight seen in Band of Brothers, The Pacific etc.

Looks like the Bear is done hibernating. The film is Russian, so we’re presented with the image of the stalwart and faithful Russian peasant-soldier. What was OK in movie?

The World War 2 Battle streaminv Stalingrad from the initial attack to the repatriation of the survivors after the war. In a way, it’s an affair that just doesn’t know exactly what it tries to accomplish. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Young Soviet Army recruits are stuck in the bloody war in Afghanistan, that was started by politicians.

The CGI in the movie is excellent, and that’s its only redeeming quality. The director’s enthusiasm for the medium cannot be underestimated: The script and the dialogue were absolutely terrible and cringe-worthy.

A group of Fikm soldiers fight to hold a strategic streming in their devastated city against a ruthless German army, and in the process become deeply connected to two Russian women who have been living there. Perevod rechi premer-ministra Yaponii chitaet voice Petar Zekavica There is not a single character in the movie,with whom you can connect and at times some scenes are pretty illogical. This movie compares unfavorably with the German produced movie Stalingrad and Enemy at the Gates because of its simplicity.


The epic battle that turned the tide of World War II. Even though at one point there’s clearly six but never mind! In Novemberremaining squad of Soviet soldiers must stop a column of Nazi Germany tanks.

The movie’s laughably propagandistic sentimentality does it no favors either though I guess Bondarchuck’s pal Putin might appreciate it Bondarchuck has publicly supported Putin’s moves in Crimea and otherwise. Some could find it propaganda, but having experienced in documentary literature and movies about Stalingrad siege and defense, for me the movie shows the real status of the war with modern cinema weapons!

And this is why. If they chose this as the film’s context then the movie should’ve been about resilience and brotherhood but none of that was to be found. The Germans are all fairly one dimensional bad guys while the Russians are a little more redeemable but most of their back story always comes in the form of narration and not in their actual actions or dialogue.

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There were other problems with logic in dialogs, too. I was a little bored by it. This one was worse. Edit Did You Know? Jan 2, Full Review…. War is hell, but hell, it makes for good cinema.