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Early and Krystal reconcile, but it doesn’t go well. When they open their eyes, however, not only did Early not return the money, he also steals Kyle’s guitar. Hangin’ out with my new puppy Goofy to watch the Oscars. This episode was dedicated to the memory of the late Scott Hilley, who voiced The Reverend in the series. Earlys really working it poor sheriff got laughed at even by Crystal this reunion is getting Early discovers to his delight that he can scam Dan Halen for money by injuring himself on the job.

Riley Martin and Billy Joe Shaver. Early wears his “party hat” to church, upsetting the Pastor and God. Rusty is reunited with his mother, Krystal, leading to questions and testing regarding his paternity. Retrieved 24 October Son of the Bronx. Okay I’ll give this episode credit for not having Rusty as Squidbillies seems like a show that it needs to have all of it’s main characters in every episode regardless of whether or not they need to , for actually having a fairly stable plot and only the last 25 seconds deviating from that, Sheriff shooting Dan Halen in the face even if this was a show where people don’t come back from the dead Halen would deserve to die for all he’s done and the ending making fun of all those anti bullying ads they always air all the time on MTV. After Granny’s skin is burnt off, she has her body parts replaced with different animals, which causes her to act like them. This reveals an ugly side of the pastor, cursing when he realizes that his “12 string” is gone.


This is the first half-hour episode. Early learns the importance of family, and profiting off them. Early marries the Sheriff’s invalid mother. Archived from the original on 16 October Retrieved 2 August Rusty sells his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar skills. Season 2 [ edit ] No.

Denny challenges Sheriff for his job. Rusty’s new friend is invited to Thanksgiving dinner. The Sheriff investigates the cause of a fire that claims the Cuyler home. Early makes a truck-boat-truck car and Rusty makes a plain wooden car with sap clogging the wheels. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. This is the second half-hour episode.

Retrieved 26 July Views Read Edit View history. Early drives the three of them home. Rusty gets a job piloting drones only to have Early face off against them. This episode was dedicated to the memory of the late Scott Hilley, who voiced The Reverend in bullylng series.

When the state investigates Dan Halen’s blatantly rigged lottery, Halen rigs the next drawing so someone else Early wins, only to reveal the gruesome nature of the prize.

Early gets plastic surgery to improve his self-esteem.

Squidbillies Season 9 Episode 3 Taint Misbehavin

The next day, Randy violently hurts two bullies by ramming his tentacles up their butts and through their mouths. Todd Barry and Anthony “Citric” Campos. Retrieved 31 October On Christmas night Early captures and ransoms Santa Claus. A documentary on “ignorant land squids”—the Cuylers—is filmed in Dougal County. Dave Stone and Jeff B. Early protects menial American jobs from the Mexicans willing to do sqiudbillies.


Euro final scores a sizable win for ESPN”. Jesco White 71 10 “Trucked Up! Elizabeth Cook as Tammi, Casey Motter as baseball announcer. Mamie White Jesco White’s real-life sister as Krystal’s cousin. Soilent Green provide the theme song. Rusty goes as the Guzzle Bumpkin, but things take a violent turn for the worse.

Squidbillies – Season 6, Episode 2: Class of ’86 –

The Sheriff goes deep undercover to apprehend his most wanted man. Making the ladies’ room safe from men who believe they are women.

After getting caught trying to steal apples, the Cuylers are forced into pig races. Son of the Bronx.

Season 4 [ edit ] No. Dan Halen Industries genetically engineers a chicken entirely made of wings. Lists of American adult animated television series episodes Lists of American comedy television series episodes.

An accident causes him to become a Fundamentalist Christian. Season 6 [ edit ] No. Archived from the original on December 18, Denny explains after a lot of yelling episdoe Rusty sold the truck to him online but Early refuses to believe it.

Dan Triandiflou as Rusty’s dad. I steal, I don’t take orders from nobody.