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Even someone of my friends who don’t listen to Korean music fell in love with them. He does sing but I guess I was expecting something different and more like the song from the Pastel 5th Anniversary. Discoid Slick Deep Mix-Gazaebal She collaborated in songs with different artists, but her identity was only revealed recently. My favorite might have to be the Daishi Dance remix of Fiesta! I always like to convert images into JPGs because it’s a universally accepted standard. Robotica Remix Album Year of Release: Love Record Year of Release:

I cried my eyes out days after watching it! It’s mostly piano, and sound effects. He has such a great voice. However, the movie is just beautiful. Uploading to complete their discography. All Of clazziquai’s stuff is really amazing, honest! Hopefully they’ll release more soon, since the first track sounds very nice. Either way, I’m happy with any music she makes since I love her adorable voice.

I like the first track a lot, and the second too.

[Album] Spangle call Lilli line – ghost is dead [2015.11.11]

It was originally upbeat and I disliked it, but they make it sound cll slowed down and relaxing with the piano. Triangle Fanny Fink Vol 1.

Same color, Different feeling Year of Release: His voice actually compliments the music very well. Test [Makes No Sense] Funk Year of Release: The other two are good, but I dislike the guy’s voice a little. Into the memory I think Its probably their wonderful voices. In this case, it’s mostly her voice and the music production.


They are pretty much pico pop, but more mainstream than most pico pop. CD 1 – Submarine Sickness Love Today MR Very wonderful trip hop album.

This is their second album, and I think Its a little different from their first.

Belanova is my first Mexican band yay! I got into him through this youtube video. However, In the video version a guy sings.

Romantic Couch sounds alot like a few other groups I’ve posted. Sampled a song of theres and loved it. Instant Pig Year of Release: If you’re not a fan of repetitive songs, you probably won’t like this at all.

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Click the banner to sign up. Their style of music caught my eye, so I had to have. I heard of Peppertones back in the day. Sseason Pigeon Year of Release: It sounds very much like the first album, but I have more favorites on this album, and this is the first album I downloaded by them. Music is incredibly catchy, fun, poppy, etc. Two Colors Removing soon so get this album now! Their very first album.


Walk Into Deep Forest The sound is original and It almost seems like this is the type of music he’s been creating all this time. I just like her. I can’t describe It but It’s got a little more. This time, the album is a combination of their Between album as well as their first and second album. L HIp Hop Melodical Sounds of the Taste Year of Release: Sunset Girls Year of Release: Micro Bitz Life Vol 2. Every Single Second Sentimentalism Year of Release: I’ll be cashing out to get my money in a week from now after I’ve oilli a bit more.

It use to be my favorite, but this album beat it! Purple Drop Asoto Union Vol 1. The file was too large to upload to Mediafire. The Classic Story of Bulldog Mansion