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His screams are pretty good and his clean vocals are absloutely amazing. No more, no less. The album starts off pretty well with the title track, which is your standard Soilwork fare, catchy verse, decent riff and a melodic, memorable chorus The songs sound more manufactured, rather than ‘created’, which is eventually why this album has nothing all that interesting to offer, save for some good melodic choruses, and some catchy sections here and there. The title track pretty much sums this up at the beginning of the album. Nothing extraordinary or revolutionary within the metal scene but they are a fine metal band.

That really is a beautiful song, and Bjorn’s vocals shine like no other. You have screaming, a little growling here and there, something I think you could describe as a half-way point between screaming and singing, and the segment in “The Crestfallen” where he just talks in a harmonious way. Almost every single song bar the furious Blind Eye Halo spends considerable playing time exploring extended clean vocal passages with subdued and tastefully used keyboards. There’s better Melodeath out there, both in the harsh and radio-friendly direction. The candy-sprinklings of electronic keys that characterized FNF have more or less been removed on Stabbing The Drama; the keys having been relegated back to a supporting role, rather than a detailing one. First thing that should be made clear; those who have never liked Soilwork will find nothing new here, and likewise those who have not liked Soilwork since Natural Born Chaos will not find anything interesting in Stabbing The Drama either. That is something I have no tolerance for – the guitar work should be the main focus of any metal album, period. Stay away from this horrible piece of shit.

These lyrics, for the meanibg part, seem like they could have been written by an angst-ridden teenager that wants to kill his parents. Let This River Flow by Soilwork. I want to be kicked upside the head, goddamnit, by the guitars, by something! Another thing that could lower the score of this album would be the vocals.

They are “gothenburg”, and are one of the best The riffs here are generally rehashed “Colony”-Gothenburg stuff or downtuned 3 chord dissonance ones.

Stabbing the Drama is everything metal shouldn’t be. First of all I would like to point out the song structures. So won’t you fucking behave yourself. You should check APP out if you havent dethrasher, it’s way better than this, and natural born chaos for that matter. In Flames has more hooks than. My punishment for letting you drag me down. Live in the Heart of Helsinki So there you have it; one of the worst albums ever recorded. Every song fits the same development style; like a drowning man who glimpses a large plank, they all race furiously and desperately towards their salvation the choruses without much preoccupation with the surroundings.


This is probably the highlight of Soilwork’s music for me. Which is quite a feat, as it’s their sixth album in seven years. The songs sound more manufactured, rather than ‘created’, which is eventually why this album has nothing all that interesting to offer, save for some good melodic choruses, and some catchy sections here and there.

Everything else is pure ass. This new metalcore kick of theirs is leaving a sour taste in my mouth, and it all started here The guitars sound modern and artificially thick, which meaninv have traditionalists puking blood and everyone else shrug, because it isn’t obnoxious.

To add to the bland riffs and vocals in the verses, there are barely any solos, which render the songs totally devoid of any creativity. General Comment I think this is about a man who was always emotionally invested in others’ problems, and has finally decided to stop caring. Wizard April 29th Comments. Lyrics powered by LyricFind.

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BlackMetalApril 21st, No memorable riffs, no creative solos, the guitars only serve as a support for the vocals, when it should be the other way around. To Try for the Sun by Donovan. The drums and the guitars lock in seemlessly and there seems to be an amazing band chemistry going on throughout the record’s entirety. You have the blast-beat and thrashing “Blind Eye Halo”.

For one thing there is way too much riffing on here and some prrtty kickass drumming from newcomer Dirk Verbeuren to kick things off with a solid smack in the opener “Stabbing rhe Drama”. But the only problem is, after coming up with 2 or 3 awesome songs, they get far too hopeful about an album and just rush through the other tracks, and it’s because of this that the band is taking an even lamer route than Metallica took down the spiralling road of dying musicianship.

Go and get a drink you like instead. It always depends who will deliver Have you ever known Such a beautiful mind that gives you shelter Break the record, in a second, cherish you mental weapons Watch the progress from an aspect that’s stabbing the drama inside I’m waiting for something to show, I might as well Just drag me down so low I’m waiting for something to show, My punishment For being down so low I can’t believe how it used to be, Selfish stanbing were abusing me Self pity and determined to crawl Manipulation of a merciful soul Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.


Those who haven’t been fans from the start definately won’t like it, and if you though Figure Number Five was the greatest album ever created, then you should just shoot yourself point black with a 9mm if you think you’ll like this one.

If you ever see a copy, smash it with the hammer, until every fragment is so small that’s invisible. Mikesn Emeritus April 29th Comments.

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AgniDramz 8th, Verse 4 Break the record, in a second, cherish you mental weapons. So its a blend of slightly better riffs than on Figure Number Five and metalcore chugging – Come Clarity by their buddies In Flames comes to mind – with solos. Create an account with Drsma to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Noticably, the keyboards have taken an immense back seat when compared with FNF, only truly affecting some intros of songs, and sgabbing some background atmosphere and occasional melody.

While the musicianship is competent all-round, and it is by no means bad its bland, unmemorable and insanely trying to be background music. This might not be the best album they have done so far but it has some quality moments.

DeathAflameMay 7th, The Pittsburgh Syndrome by Soilwork. –

Congratulations you’ve found yourself Been preaching too many times to an hysterical mind So won’t you fucking behave yourself It’s all in there, without despair So you’ve saved your soul? Now if only the entire album draka like the good tracks without all the clutter I’m sure every fan of swedish pseudo-metal will love this though, because “Stabbing The Drama” certainly shows off stabbung that genre is in every way. The main problem is that the guitar is so poor.

Congratulations you’ve found yourself.