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I’ll tell you right now it’s not that one. And you were there! The plots mainly focus around a variety of Super Mario Bros. Maybe he can help you cheat! Oh, I wonder what you gave me a spatula for Junior, as revealed when he had to get a flu shot. Off with His Head!

Ludwig Von Koopa only knows how to say “Butt” and his own name. This comes back to bite him two weeks later, when Doofy the Dragon hosts a meet and greet at the mall, which Junior wants to go to. I have to wash dishes! They would crash into each other. You guys are selfish! Mickey Mouse is a greedy jerkass who is a drug addict and drug dealer. I bet it’s Kevin that stupid bastard. What else would you do with a spatula, Chef Pee Pee?

Junior then starts writing “Chips Ahoy” on the sticky notes and sticks them for a second time. Cody is a Magikoopa who looks a lot like Kamek. Nancy, Jeffy’s extremely abusive mother.

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I bet it’s Kevin that stupid bastard. I’m just not doing it any more! At the end of “Bowser Junior’s Broken Leg! But the video game’s fun! If you thought Bowser was a horribly mean Abusive Parentthen you clearly haven’t seen Nancy. In “Bowser Junior’s Lightsaber!

Don’t talk to me for the rest of the day, okay? As a result, they all beat him up to death.


When the Brooklyn Guy appeared in “Bowser Junior’s Summer School 6”, he originally said a word that mostly sounded like a combination between “right”, “night” and “I”, but this has mostly phased out following his Bowser Junior’s Summer School appearances. I bet it’s him, I bet money it’s him.

SuperMarioLogan (Web Video) – TV Tropes

Shrek is obsessed with green peas and taking pees, and calls everyone “Camel”. The plots are not typically episodic, although various episodes do have a running narrative.

If you thought Black Yoshi got Mario into embarrassment constantly, JEFFY somehow humiliates Mario on a global scale, and the media not only movi his downright lies but also passes Mario off in the wrong.

I don’t have time for that! He didn’t see it And you were there! Okay, there’s something on top of the refrigerator, and I need yall’s help to get it ’cause I’m too short.

In “Bowser Junior’s Annoying Toy! Toad is a massive idiot who runs on absolute Insane Troll Logic and happens to be a serious Chubby Chaser. Every single one of the Koopa Kids has a bizarre personality. Mario’s reaction in “Where’s Jeffy? Why don’t you just get a cat or a fish, or The more recent videos resort to this kind of humor, making it one of the very few non-animated examples of this trope. Dokfy last words Junior? Twelve peo-Twelve people would even be that big of a deal.


Man, I sure wish I had that golden egg. I didn’t realize that you were the most amazing girl in the world, and I would be stupid to lose you and, that’s why I got you this card. Sonic the Hedgehog has a British Accent and is often mistaken for a cat. I have to wash dishes!

The gang’s all here. Worst of all, he gets away with it.

Ths plots mainly focus around a variety of Super Mario Bros. Jeffy appears at Mario’s door, and Mario is forced to take care of him, essentially ruining his relationship with Rosalina. You guys think of yourself and only you! Despite being, you know, the Devil, Craig is an extremely nice guy.

Unlike Larry, who gives silly tips and fun advice, Chris gives completely wrong advice while claiming it’s correct.