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Dojin is again injured in a fight with Dong Hae and while tending to Dojin, Dong Hae almost misses the first round of the cooking competition. Episode 43 Episode Episode 75 Episode Hyesuk tries to put an end to the feud between the Lee’s and her husband. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Alem Dojin will play the “let’s get back together ” card. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Episode 36 Episode

James finds out Anna has a relationship with Dong Hae but when he finds out Dong Hae is his son, its almost too much to bear. Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2. Episode 42 Episode There is a new clue to who James really is Sulnyeo said something about Saewa’s father-in-law, Dong Hae wonders how he is involved. Hye Suk implores Kim Jun to have a surgery. Episode 77 Episode

Although Dong Hae understands Kim Jun’s intentions, he doesn’t want to share the same last name. Dong Hae is embarrassed by people’s attitude.

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Lee finds out that Bong Yi and Dong Hae have feelings for each other. Episode 71 Episode Episode 22 Episode Alem Will there be murder? Episode 73 Episode Episode 24 Episode Episode 18 Episode Dong Hae starts to put together who James might be.


The shareholders’ conghae meeting and Dong Hae’s wedding are on the same day.

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Dong Hae believes resigning is the best thing for everyone involved but Dojin and Hyesuk emg otherwise. Saewa decides not to go to the hospital and forces Dong Hae to face the truth about their relationship. Recovered Dojin promises to make Dong Hae and Saewa pay for what they have done to him. But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother.

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Episode 33 Episode Bong Yi is surprised that Dong Hae is a grandson of Mr. Anna rushes to Kim Jun’s side when she finds out about his accident and Taehun has had enough of Saeyeong’s eppisode. Episode 70 Episode Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast. Click here to learn more.

You have already reported this video. Playlist 1 Part 1 Part 2. It’s not your toy.


Sae Wa is in terrible pain. Meanwhile, Hye Suk gets some information about Dong Bak from an adoption agency.

As if Saewa didn’t already have enough secrets she confirms who James really is and Hyesuk learns who the other man before Dojin was. Episode 62 Episode Episode 97 Episode Episode 56 Episode He asks the employees not to speak at all about the project.

Hyesuk notices something is wrong with Dojin and gets involved in their fight.

Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China. Episode 13 Episode There is a new clue to who James really is Sulnyeo said something about Saewa’s father-in-law, Dong Hae wonders how he is involved.