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Of course, I never have been a proponent of anything like this scenario, either! And winter is death. Even that is a bit of a longshot: My guess is Jon and the Wildlings could then be the deciding factor by joining the Northern Lords in battle, turning the tide in defeating the Boltons and gaining their respect and loyalty for the Great War to come. So Littlefinger flaunts this fact because he knows that will make them like her , and points out that she is Wardeness of the North — because he knows nothing about Rickon. After all, if the Old Gods could not do that, then how would people ever have been aware of them?

Too green, one might say.. Davos is a smuggler. Part of her conflict will revolve around her being in conflict with Jons vision for moving beyond the wheel of power and revenge. If Tormund hears about this, he can decide to fight them thanks to sheer advantage in numbers and that will be the end for Thorne and co. Perhaps we should be thinking Osiris Isis Horus instead. I love the idea of how twice-married Sansa would be distrusted by the northern Lords. However, Bran seems to do just that with Theon. Mind you, if the Tyrell army are there to help free Marg, it could conceivably be four of them instead?

I will occasionally play devils advocate, but I deliberately play dense about as often as I write nonsense, which is to say: Every body keeps on assuming Jon will be at Castle Black, why?

He certainly looks the part for Smalljon, at least in the face. Both are played by Mads Mikkelsen. SimonSue said that Mel will be there with Ghost. u,ber


That is one way it could work. I for one still wonder what Meera Reed is going to do this season… back to CB? After all, if the Old Gods could not do that, then how would people ever have been aware of them? Again Black Seaaon and the army of the dead also indicate reanimation were raised smaljon from the wall.

She willingly brought the Boltons in the fold by actively marrying Ramsay.

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 8 Ways Battle Of The Bastards Will Be Different In The Books – Page 5

There are consequences to all actions — in this case the lose of magic dragons and warns seems probable. A man with great ambition and no morals.

Happy holiday to you as well, SK! Maybe if you rewrote it as done by Eeyore it would work for Jon! Aye, smalluon are dying. I agree he thinks he wants the Throne, or wants to take the Throne from others.

House Mormont currently fighting valiantly… the Cheesemongers of Butterwell are slipping….

This parallel might well be deliberate. Do you think that the story is going to be about something else? Perhaps the ashes are those of Castle Black after a fight with the Wildlings??? But how will it feed the rest of the story? Jon has too many black smallmon on him by now, and Sansa does not have a sterling record either.

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 8 Ways Battle Of The Bastards Will Be Different In The Books

I guess they will switch sides I hope so! I mean, yeah, we believe in the Old Gods and we believe that they communicate to us through the trees…. Through the trees, I see them still, but no word of mine has ever reached them. LF would not be thinking to ever wonder if some beaten down kennel boy was actually a wrecked prince. Jon also needs someone to motivate him to move south, who the fuck can do that?


Again, this brings up Jon. I would love it if her season-long arc was traveling around the North rallying all of the Northern Lords in her own name, but the fact that most of them are only set to appear in episodes makes that highly unlikely.

Riddles in the dark! Sansa just has to get a Norther lord alone to confess she knows about Rickon and that she supports him against the Boltons… and the North will Remember… Bearded OnionGreat stuff, thanks for the read!

Moreover, it goes against one of the most basic aspects of human nature: I believe his plan has two major facets: The idea that the whole north will not just quickly line up behind Sansa and Jon is disliked by a few people here. Alone the just reresenting a piece of the puzzle.