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Mukha lang akong mayaman, pero parehas lang tayong may kumakalansing na barya sa bulsa. I found myself looking for a personnel again. Timezone should really take action on this matter. Once you receive the form, you should go back to the Treasury to pay for it. I won three tickets in that game, but unfortunately, the machine did not dispense the three measly tickets I won. In my mind, I was like “congrats, Miss. The manager came back with the pen and paper.

I just had to call them the day before to confirm if my ID is already available for pickup. I gave my card to the cashier, and she did some swiping and typing and returned the card to me saying, “wag niyo nalang ulit gamitin dun. Sini-screen shot pa yung mga sweet text messages or video call nilang magjowa. But I just love to wear it with my jeggings. I won’t wear the same blouse for a lot of times if I’m not comfortable wearing it. Naguupload ng isang album photos sa iisang lugar lang with two other friends na panigurado may isang picture na ang posing ay “Bulag, Pipi, Bingi. Let me know if this post was able to help you! Hindi pa nakakaalis sa sumpa ng mga apps na “God wants you to know” at “Photo of the Day.

Magpopost forevver picture kahit blurred or against the light. Your Ultimate Guide to the Concerts and Theater The building behind it is connected to the mall. Today, Twitter helped me decide what to eat for lunch. We were looking for racing or shooting games, but unfortunately, they are all unavailable.

~ One Time, Big Time

The interior of the mall is indeed very spacious. Timog kasi yan, eh hindi naman Timog ang Quezon Ave. Wm di sana hindi ako sumasakay ng ordinary bus. A typical halo-halo sold by our neighbor for 25 pesos has a lot of ingredients: But for “extremists” like me, it’s kinda boring and tasteless, so to speak. At zura glance, you may think that it is boring and bland because you can’t see any color through the glass other than brown and white.


I don’t think SM cineema a great job by opening a store that is not even half-finished. And Ati, you’re watching too much teledrama. But Kevin did not accept it, saying, “what would I do with this piece of paper? Resorts World will also be holding a high mass this Friday morning.

You’re close enough to getting your police clearance! I love it because you can wear it as a semi-formal blouse just make sure to wear a black camisole underneath or a casual attire if you’ll pair it with shorts. Bring exact amount of money, so payment transactions will be easier. Kevin has a point and he made it clear to the personnel we talked with: Home New Movies This Week: This Jollibee right here is the refuge of those who wanted to see the mall, went around, and got hungry.

Still, thumbs up, McSpicy Chicken Sura. Pinapangalandakan na religious siya, sa Facebook nagsusulat ng prayers. Maybe it’s because of the new government, the system’s improved, and I’m thankful for that. SM Aura’s Business Services booth is not that crowded.

The brand reads “Follow Yo So we headed back to the main Timezone arcade, where we never thought hell would break loose.

You know, the least I could ever do for something terrible that I’ve experienced is to share it walanf people. Go to Window 2.

Araw-araw ako sumasakay 13 lang bayad ko. Well, the box of the McSpicy Chicken Burger has a disclaimer that says “Chicken spiced right” and “With just the right amount of spice. Are you willing to take a chance?


The cashier pointed to us, and he was about to hand it to Kevin.

Metro Manila ยท 41st Metro Manila Film Festival (December 25 to January 7)

Go as early as 8AM to avoid crowds. Ignacia lang po ako. Is it worth it? Nagsa-status ng all caps na manloloko yung jowa niya tapos maya-maya mahal na mahal na niya ulit.

Stay tuned, I’ll be writing about how to get an NBI clearance the hassle-free way next. Tealeaf Manila Thumbs Down: This bar knows how to throw a party all the time, so bounce back to your beat-hitting shindigs right after your wholesome reunions.

Oh well, the pains of being a commuter. Another defective machine over here. A male personnel nevertheless came back holding a piece of newsprint, with no clue of what that is for and where should he give it. In my mind, I was like “congrats, Miss. Beauty and the Bestie.

Once you’re there, you just have to go through each window until your police clearance is released. But I told him to just shake it off firever we’ll just find another game somewhere. That’s why I am writing this post for the benefit of everyone. In a nutshell, it’s your ordinary chicken burger with a hint of spice.