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Keep visiting us and feel free to ask anything you want to our email contact skinsfansite. It has failed miserably to keep us interested. Read the full article bellow Here is Luke almost naked Wow, that was serious. He’s supposed to be clever and that’s how he behaves? I used this track on a fanmix AGES ago and you’re ruining it. Ah, the random happy hour bar scene.

It just comes off as very genuine and sweet. DBR once again delivers some stunningly bad dialogue with just about as good expression. They’re all pretty terrible but she is the worst. Also not quite sure why Matty thinks Franky’s still his girlfriend. Then JJ’s S4 was pretty bad too and I know I’ve said it was the worst episode of S4 before, but as pathetically stupid as it was, I really don’t think it was as bad as this episode, simply cos it wasn’t AS unrealistically ludicrous and it was actually in character, generally. Skins father type 3: Normal people leave their number. I don’t think the show needs to preach but the consequences are often so random.

She can’t pull it off. If she killed herself, you zkins your dad! The Pingu thing was stupid as hell for a teenager. Series 5 actually did not happen.

I want her to be on Skins episoe and be one of the main kids. Her actions had no consequences and she just randomly went crazy. Just 15 minutes to go!


I’ll cry myself to sleep about it. I did like Liv rolling her eyes at Franky. Her dad doesn’t care that his daughter is bleeding from her head, but tells a lovely, heart-warming tale of her adoption and hope.

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Then came along Gen2, and even in S3, it was getting a little hilarious, but not unreasonable. And that means dressing her, feeding her, bathing her, taking her to the toilet eventually.

But whatever, he’s obvs desperate for friends and curious, so I’ll let it slide. Siins you know how it goes this series: I will say however, for the people bitching about Mini backing down so easily? There’s more dramatic glitchy hipster music.

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It’s with gran yeah? Any mistakes with little details here and there?

Joel Dommett guest star in Skins season 5. Not cos I “ship” them or whatever but cos I think they’re one of the very few remaining pieces of this show that are still achingly real. When Bailey mumbled a line with no expression whatsoever, that was okay cos that’s SID.

Also, how much do I hate Franky’s face? What happens after this? It’s been like 3 years And Mini and Liv’s friendship has always been my absolute fav out of the whole gen cos it always struck so close to relationships I’ve known and witnessed. Here is Luke almost naked She sits in a mock exam, makes a episdoe cartoon whilst the haunting strains of yet more hipster music waft forebodingly around her.


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Now, because Luke is drug overlord apparently, he stalks Franky even tho he only knows her episove name and has spent about a grand total of 20 minutes with her, ever. So, I guess maybe it’s a tie. Skins 5 Alex Arnold video interview.

It’s like watching a legless robot monkey. Quelle surprise, I suppose. Any of the Asian mafias are not. Read the full article bellow But things like realism don’t matter cos that was S5, this is S6 — it’s here to appease the hoarde of mindless teenage zombies.