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You never cease you make me laugh, Mystisith: You can either be Sam Woo-Hee even Bum-jeung and never give up hope that they will regain their heart and sanity OR you can watch as they lose their heart, their minds and be the end of themselves like Gollum Gabi OK, that enough rambling from my side, I realized I hit a low with those LoftheR references, so I shall just thank you for your patience and end it here. But I still dislike the guy and his redemption in this final episode did not effect me in the same way he did you. Daniella March 14, at 4: She should always be on the “right” side of things and not compromise because of him. He was all set on leaving to America and moving on with his life.

I’m loving Jung Ryeo-won’s character! I’ve obviously not watched enough dramas because I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending except for Gabi to the loony bin; hanging from the rafters would have been more satisfying. So Bang, instead of representing a relatable everyman, became a symbol for unattainable good fortune because of the intelligence he gained through an experimental drug. Sign In Sign Up. Loved this drama, loved every minute of it! He kept telling her to not get involved with or she’s wrong about Mo Gabi and to take his side against YB.

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For all that Salaryman was witty, and dark, and farcical, I never fell completely in love. I thought Wild Romance was funny, this actually topped it! Who knows why Gabi became the way she did, and I always wondered if Chairman Jin had some portion of blame.

So all are now blamed on a crazy woman? You never cease you make me laugh, Mystisith: Counting the historical timeline, we have: Even when asked directly whether Gabi ordered him to kill Woo-hee, he says no.

How is it that the greedy, the wicked and the unfeeling seemingly get away with ‘murder’ whilst the worthy, the truthful and the steadfast remain the underdog? In general this whole series could’ve been a lot greater if there was more time. Maybe this stems from his never give-up attitude in his quest for ‘justice’ but this is the woman he loves so that doesn’t work for me.


No one can mess with me. I had never sinopsos much thought to that aspect until now. Of course Yeochi making the entrance is great, but she is protecting someone who died.

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A complicated guy with abs is deffinitely more, isn’t it? Thank you for recapping! But all good things must come to an end — and even though nothing in the finale really came as a surprise, it was still a worthy bookend to a great drama with an epilogue that could not have been funnier if it tried.

And I was remiss in thanking HeadsNo2 for the great recaps! And I love your handle nomu nomu nomu. Yes, I didn’t say righteous justice, I stated that it was a warped justice, the root of which was love. Nonetheless, it is great drama.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But her mind is declared sound enough for trial, so Moon-soo asks her if the person who tried to kill her is in the courtroom right now.

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Their only way out is for Gabi to give up her management rights to Yeo-chi, which sends Gabi into a fit of hysteria. The last few episodes felt more like some of the middle episodes in Giant rather than the final ones. The deeper he went the epsiode it was for him to do illegal things. Who can touch me? He was on the same path as Gabi, but for these movements of his heart. When Moon-soo asks who it is, Woo-hee?

Fabmari March 14, at 7: She also described the drama as a buffet where salargman can enjoy multiple genres including comedy, action, suspense and romance to get a well-rounded show. I’ll miss this drama, but I won’t miss Yeo Chi red hair. Not even one kiss for Bang and Yeo-chi? Thank you to everyone for a wholly satisfying drama. It’s gonna be a nice change! I can’t wait to see which drama you zinopsis next. NewKDramaAddict March 15, at 7: In the epilogue, everyone aged exc for YB.


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Jung Gyu Woon Main Cast. Without your points I would have never come up with the LoftheR reference, which if anything at least gave me a laugh. For me it shone a light on something that adversely affects most of us; injustice. I love HW and WH parts so much Episodes by LollyPip. I spent a lot of time pouting over not enough Bang-Yeo Chi time both as a couple and then just as individuals.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Korean corporate life is unique yet similar to the Japanese office culture and something Westerners may salarymman tricky to decipher.

Another reason is that I just dislike Hang-Woo as a person outside of the corporate setting. Seeking revenge no matter what for his father’s death, when he could have moved on and seek therapy instead With each iniquitous act of his, his heart hardened, so that it was easier and easier for him to commit the most heinous of acts, to collude, conspire and contrive.

I really likes the madness behind all the promotional shoot and posters that had been release it has a very different kind of sense of humour underlying and i bet many of those who is not the biggest fan of this drama might will only reagard its as a nonsensical drama but looking at the team, cast its going to surprised everyone SALARYMAN TEAM HWAITING proves to everyone this drama is gonna get everyone stand up and jump of their sock ha ha ha ha!