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First of all, thank you HeadsNo2 for your fast recaps on this wonderful drama! Thanks again for the recaps, Heads! She sought wealth for wealth’s sake. I hardly ever watch k-dramas this is my third one but I fell in love with this one. Thank you for replying and sharing your views. Views Read Edit View history. Definitely one of the best dramas of

Bum-jeung is shocked that Hang-woo knows — and Hang-woo tells him that two other people knew. This page was last edited on 12 February , at I hope it shows in my work. History of a Salaryman Promotional poster for History of a Salaryman. He’s also naive for having believed Mo Ga Bi till the end. They make my life happier. Overall, most brilliant, unique, and crazy entertaining drama of all time Loved this drama, loved every minute of it!

I am much obliged for your thoughts too. Woo Hee was just the victim of his actions.

I didn’t come to read the recap itself most of the time but to see your comments and what you thought about the drama.

You are on my external hard drive and I’ll definitely vho to visit again sometime.

I did not trust her in the end though…. One was when he ditched Woo-Hee on the side of the road when she tried to defend her friend. If he was out for justice for his “brother” then he would have turned his brother in. My main reason I also read recap after already literally watching the show is it feels like I’m re’watching the show with a bunch of people with similar taste in shows and where everybody feels free to share their thoughts.

I’m really glad Fpisode Hee didn’t die.

Daniella March 14, at A question asked sijopsis LoftheR too, and I would like to answer with a favourite quote of mine from there. You understood Hang-Woo’s action as man who was blinded by his own sense of justice. Hang Woo I still dislike him and his redemption at the end did nothing to me, he’s a macho, believes his woman has to listen to him but he can’t do the same for her, he didn’t even seduce her properly lol He used his higher status in the company to order her around she ha to call him everyday early in the morning!


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Even wanted to propose to WH and bring her along with him. He who does the crime pays for the crime. Why doesn’t he speak English? I ni try to ‘fit’ these pieces you have found for me, into my own puzzle, but as always you are free to point out that isnopsis don’t ‘slot in perfectly’ AND I truly hope you find some way of making sense of it all AND if you do, please do share.

Her laughter turns into blood-curdling screams that are honestly frightening to behold as she fully descends into madness, salarymman fully commands the screen while doing sinopzis.

I’ll start with huge thanks to HeadsNo2 for choosing such great drama to recap. Seeing how long the writers keep Chairman Jin alive, I got the feeling they lost salarmyan of how much ground needed to be covered. This drama was a manifestation of the answer that I give people.

Maybe unrelated but the electric guitar instrumental riff played in the courtroom and in the last scene is totally badass and i love it! After the shoot, the producers, Lee Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun gathered around the monitors to see how the scene turned out, and as soon as director Yoo gave the okay sign, everyone exploded in a round of applause.

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March 14, at 1: I really do commend the actress who played Gabi Episode 12 by LollyPip. Anyway, it’s been a great show to watch and to read recapsand I’d not have started either if siopsis weren’t for you, HeadsNo2, so thank you.

She should always be on the “right” side of things and not compromise because of him. While I’m reading, I often confuse your writing with Javabeans, and have to do a double take at the author. I thought Wild Romance was funny, this actually topped it! Still so much more to add and talk about, but I’ll leave it there for now.

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Everyone else is starting to show their age, though — especially So Ha, who was already much older to start with. Gabi prepares for the meeting with a smile on her face, glad to be rid of that stifling hospital gown for more suitable designer duds. It was like “HUh?!? That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. And of course, much thanks to HeadsNo2 for recapping!


We watched the final episode few minutes after dramaok finished to translate it. I see your points and I will give you this. That pain of healing a hardened heart, as difficult as getting blood from a stone.

Seeking revenge no matter what for his father’s death, when he could have moved on and seek therapy instead How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? There’s so much to be said about the last episode. Because how could the end be happy? Hang-woo finds the epiaode where Woo-hee made her last call and sees that a huge banner with her picture and a phone number has been saalryman at the same spot.

Ace March 14, at What a wonderful ending for both couple. In general this whole series could’ve yan a lot greater if there was more time. She worries that all is lost for her, but Hang-woo is there to assuage her fears. If you lose your heart through wicked ways, then you will lose your mind too like Gabi Maybe he believed Gabi, and maybe he didn’t but for me the reason why he stayed instead jl returning was more to do with his own soul’s state.

Also he did it again when Woo-Hee didn’t pick up his phone call in Episode 21 and he decides not to check up on her because he has his own pride.

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Thank you to ‘Show’ for providing an entertaining and addicting show for us viewers, with good acting,directing, and writing. Thank you for replying and sharing your views. This is my second time going all the way through with your wonderful recaps!