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But along the way, she will meet a handsome individual who will have a major impact on her investigation and even her life. I suggest you to watch it too Dawn Molinar Coleman May 15, 1: What would you do closed in a room with the only other things being your bed, a mirror and a computer display that does not work? But these dog day’s will end. I will definitely add your blog to my favorites. Jake wakes up in a dark world. It’s all up to you!

So far their drug busts have turned up nothing, but after a run-in with a mysterious artefact, Max is transformed into a blonde bombshell, and he’s not happy about it. Mystery Visual Novel Boy pursues Girl. Crime scene and interrogation backgrounds Chris Esquivel: He will form a love line with Go Dok Mi. Jones, and is shocked to discover that they share the same face. But it will give you a chance to relive the moment. He leaves everything familiar and moves to the west coast to pursue a career as an actor, model, life coach or maybe even a fitness guru

Anonymous December 19, 3: With over nine different possibilities, you can either end up as the tragic hero, the sly villain, or an innocent victim.

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Anonymous July 23, 8: She had left everything as she leaves the military: Anonymous July 24, 7: Because of her personality, she is unable to understand emotions, until one day she meets a boy named Ichirou, whom for first time evokes something in her. Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team I will use your blog sakamander choose more to watch. Short game sinopsia being stuck in a basement by a demon with a fbi agent.

Emeline, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast you happen across, is bright-smiled and happy to have you. They don’t remember their history but are very curious about what it was like. Anonymous September 03, 7: And Morwenna seems to be acting stranger and stranger There are surely some dramas which you think are great but I did not post as I may not have watched them yet or forgot about them as I had watched too many. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your useful information.


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Player discretion is advised. In a far off secluded region of Hokkaido, trapped in a raging blizzard, something occurs that will change Ryou’s life forever. Featuring Art by Maesketch Check her out at http: Little does she know, that there is an evil reason for all of these and both Mike and Gerald are involved in a dark business What can she do to get out?

Armed with the recommendations of her professor of pathological anatomy, our heroine sets out to prove herself in a town that seems full of friendly strangers. My hands covered in blood— I Its refreshing and makes me happy. Mystery Visual Novel Girl pursues Boy. Anonymous July 19, 2: Music by Monroeville Music Center.

Can you find a way out of your room?

Expect to be thrown into a situation which you do not understand. What would you do closed in a room with the only other things being your bed, a mirror and a computer display that does not work? In the safety of our homes, we can speculate about a fragment of a story we saw in the street, but when we actually get a chance to become part of it we often elect to remain bystanders.

The Censor is a dystopian visual novel. You know for sure you’re gonna be so screwed up this time.

Based on webcomic “Gifts of wandering ice”. I lov d love story of yi kyung and yi soo, so sad they didn’t end up together: Bearing a deep grudge against the Baron and his family, Alex seeks to shadwo them and their employees in order to lead the family down the path of destruction.


What sounded like an easy piece of work — with the plus of turning over a new leaf — turns out to be quite the predicament ths Inna The shadows are chasing. Mindy Ree from the Eris web series hopes for a nice, quiet summer szlamander. Meanwhile, Irene has a secret. Do not download this game expecting a story which is self-contained.

My Thoughts This was the saalmander Korean drama that I had watched but since it have been awhile since I had watched it, I might try watching it again as I forgot a bit of it. Learn more about their world and the clans that populate it. He is impulsive and more times than not forgets to think before he acts. She may even find love on the way — but would she live to savour it, or would the romance end up costing her her life?

Visual Novel Kinetic Novel Mystery. Another drama its called “My princess” 16 episodes and its an amazing funny love story! Luckily both Adam and Vince receive their invite to drop by on a busy summer weekend eve.

Maybe changing your path can somehow affect what is happening and help you decide what to make of it.

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Find out whether ghosts exist or not. The game features fully animated anime cutscenes, a case of over thirty unique characters, crime scene investigation sections, five love interests and over thirty hours of content. The boy life changes slowly.