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Your email address will not be published. Overall, this drama was simple. I think this drama wins in the area that it has realistic life elements, but incorporated enough of things we might now see in real life to make it entertaining. Ah, I’m totally going to chew my arm off! I’m sad it’s over but I have no regrets since it ended perfectly. Truthfully, I don’t think Yong-shik would have won the girl over if this drama was only 16 episodes long. Pages Home About Contact Privacy. I fell in love with Park Shi Hoo in Prosecutor Princess so chances are i’ll fall in love with him in this too

Play to your strengths, right? Diposting oleh Ali Munandar di I even liked her in Coffee Prince , even though she made me want to throw things. And he was supposed to be playing an icy Darcy-like character! I felt like they were going to have a similar structure in that sense with a Tae-hee and Jun-su pairing in the end. Love Isn’t Stop Get Karl! Queen of Reversals Favorite.

Episode 6 by Helcat. Hwang Tae-hee Kim Nam-joo leads a charmed life; after growing up in a wealthy family, she easily attains a coveted job. I felt the story would’ve been more real if she’d ended up with her husband. Biscuit February 5, at 8: Retrieved September 1, The unrealistic maknae elements were down to half, and when someone did die, it left a bigger, realistic impression and impact.

Park Shi Hoo totally stole the show at least for me lol but I also loved everyone else in this as well and that is rare. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I LOVE this drama!!!

I just have to say a big “thank you” for taking the time to write this. Gu Yong-shik was a day-player in the first half of the drama, showing up for the occasional reversaks, but in the latter half of the drama, he becomes the full-time hero, complete with tragic backstory and cutthroat battle to the top.

And in the end, they realized that they had grown too far apart. So Park Shi Hoo got the girl! Totally fell for him in Prosecutor Princess!! However, her longtime nemesis Queeb Yeo-jin who went to the same high school and college as her and even got hired at the company where she works, is a constant nuisance who pokes her nose into her business! Views Read Edit View history. I think one of my favorite PSH moments was early on when he kept riding up and down the elevator at his apartment hoping for the perfect timing to be in the elevator when she got on it.


We got a lot of both. I like the actors ,but still That’s 54 episodes in total I now look forward in finishing the drama even if I already read some spoilers: I forgot to mention, but I think another great pull is the fact that Yong-shik starts off as the second lead. This drama made me watch Park shi hoo he is so adorable. Love Isn’t Stop Get Karl! Clik gambar diatas untuk memperbesar.

Oh wellthey do look good together and the fact that Sinopsos is much older than YS is sinopxis really a big surprise when you love each other. The only similarity between the 2 Queen dramas is that the heroine tried her best to help her husband become the best even if she needs to do something that might affect her life as well and aside from that factor the 2 dramas are really different story wise.

SINOPSIS Queen of Reversals Episode 1- 31 Terakhir

More then the main romance, I practically almost watched it for the bromance. Diposting oleh Ali Munandar di The toothbrush thing made me laugh And what happened in the latter episoe of sinopsus series was just unabashed adorableness at every turn, because Gu Yong-shik went all-out professing his love, and because Park Shi-hoo is just inexplicably magnetic. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I also adored how his character acted once he fell for her.

The reversal is that the second lead…becomes the hero. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I also started watching after about half the episodes had aired, which allowed me to marathon through the first half until I was well and truly hooked! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Lisa September 20, at 3: To see a picture rwversals them, you’d think “meh” but to see them in action, they become so appealing.


I almost gave up watching the drama after Episode 3 since I found the pacing too fast and left me bored at some point but due to good reviews of the next few episodes in the drama’s Soompi thread, I decided to jump back in and I’m currently at Episode 14, where Yongshik is starting to fall for Tae-hee.

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Although – i wouldn’t mind if he were my daddy! I’m so glad he got the girl. Video Queen of Reversals Trailer. The fact that he is so appealing in a not exactly physical way makes him attractive.

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I never noticed YKS’s hands, but you know whose hands I don’t like so much? While they aren’t remotely alike, this reminded me of the drama That Episofe with Shim Hye Jin – have either you or Javabeans seen it?

Thank you again for your time, thoughts and excellent sense of humour. I loved this drama, and was so thrilled when PSH got the girl. Yupppp, Park Shi Ho is the bigger reason why I keep watching this And the relationship is actually quite interesting, since Jun-su is a total beta male with no dreams and goals, and little talent to get him anywhere.

He has so much chemistry with the lead sonopsis and he’s not even the lead! As reversal the Darcy-ism.