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Jin-sook and the good doctor run up, carrying grocery bags. After all, he loves Yoo-jin too! I still think he did die, so im kinda surprise how many people think he lived. The Sport of Literal Kings. At times, I couldn’t understand OY and I found her irritating sometimes. On a shallow note, I loved most of OS’s wardrobe, especially the orange coat he wore at the beginning of this episode, it looked good on him. I felt that we were just coasting, or worse, slipping and sliding, as the show labored its way into the finale, and there wasn’t even a good “save” in the closing moments. The entire park is just breathtakingly beautiful even if you never go to the house.

Also, it’s not completely out of the blue, but I still don’t buy how all a sudden the show just turned Soo into a chef at the end?! I’ve seen this drama back in and I decided to watch it again last week. Her tears finally spill over as she stops the video, even though Video Soo seemed to have more to say. Alpha Beta April 5, at 2: But seriously, despite its at times heavy flaws- I still love the show. It was, however, executed very poorly imo.

I think they were talking about actually bringing flowers for his restaurant.

I don’t care what others may feel about this drama, but from any dramas so far inthis is the only drama that artistically the best, directed the best and acted the best. B December 2, at I too felt a bit confused about orince show towards the last few episodes, but I’m pretty happy with my ending.


Saranghae-Korea: Princess Hours (Episode 23)

The beginning was wonderful, but it definitely lost steam and direction toward the end. I can’t buy Jin-sung doing it, I don’t see the logic of the threat did his family get hit by that truck?

Am I suppose to just forget all that? I thought it was a nice touch. I episoce appreciate that. Maybe because I felt like whether or not he gave it in, Kim still was going to find some excuse to kill him.

Also, I think this has been the only drama where every single side character was a complete nuisance. That “happy” ending felt so contrived for me. No surprise there especially after MC was redeemed, shown to be running interference all along and Wang was let off the hook which was crud.

Sang-hyuk makes it home and decides dinopsis see his dad in his study. It’s alright if you’re uncomfortable watching others be intimate at the moment, buuut “porn” is not the correct label for such a film. Forgiving her, I guess, is all right epispde I felt letting her back into the house was another thing.

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On the other hand, Professor BadDad having sex with a half-drowned woman was really the worst action by anyone in the drama, since it precipitated everything else for the next twenty years. I watched the last episode of Queen of Ambition yesterday. I crack up at times while reading her recaps ’cause she’s writing about serious moments in such a dry, humorous way. I’m mad he had to stab his best friend for that to happen, though.


Episodes by odilettante.


So it could be 1 embarrassment over her sexual assault; 2 Resentment that her pregnancy doomed any chance of yanking her obsession away from his legal wife who was also pregnant; 3 Her self-centeredness in wanting a happy child who loved her versus an angry son who resented her.

Keakraban Shin dan Chae-kyoung, kali ini untuk selamanya, membuat Yool benar-benar patah hati. Honestly first time seeing this I love hw the uptight prince came to love the girl he never wanted bt I loved it. The first eight episodes were executed close to perfection imo but I didn’t really mind the change in pace afterwards.

And we don’t know because we don’t see anything alluding to that. I felt like he was significant but I think they are dead.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Aida Suraya September 19, at That’s actually pretty cool — the not wanting to give false hope thing. And this is what happening to me now.

Why would JS wears glasses if he is blind? Thank you all, and thank you HeadsNo2 for your recaps. Is this a dream?