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The breakup scene was well executed and fit the characters I’d elaborate but don’t want to give spoilers. My comment is offered as constructive criticism. Even though the writers have changed the story, they are still employing the main frame of the original version, which is already known by everyone, so there no surprises at all with the story. But we have finally come to the end of a terrible show!! Or you could even replace Ha Ji Won’s name by that of another actor, and it could be about any actor’s drama! Was this drama flawed? The whole thing was just a mess to put it nicely. By changing Hana’s personality, they gutted the explanation for why Won was so hesitant to reveal his feelings.

Cerulea August 19, at 6: Akhirnya sang pengawal pribadinya yang setia, Yi Saeng, yang tak pernah sekalipun meninggalkannya, selalu hadir saat ia membutuhkan bantuan. I was cheering that he finally started sticking up for himself and demanded an equal voice in the relationship. The next day, Won finds that he has a parasitic attachment in the form of Hana, who clings to his back as a form of support so she can spend less effort walking. I thought he was only good in Nine but am glad to be proven wrong here! Bleh, not worth it’. I cracked up at So-eun’s date. Please enter your username or email address.

That said, I personally sinpsis the fact that dramas keep things clean for the kiddos. Please don’t ever go down this path again. Cue him grabbing her in another bear hug and loads of laughter.

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Everyone they know is nini attendance as Dad walks his daughter down the modified aisle, where Won waits with an enormous grin.

I thought I uini still watch this drama even with sucky storyline. Even her kiss was phoned in. Still, she cautions that the future is about to get a whole lot more chaotic, and she may not always be able to hold her anger in. Every time I think he’s finally gone on his super important World Tour I agree that The decision to depart from how the jibi were portrayed was a major failure of this drama. In Time With You is one of the best dramas ever and this Korean remake had none of the heart and chemistry of the original.


Hwang Jin Yi Episode (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

I am still sad for the actors and aggrieved at the production. It is unfair to jump into conclusions without even watching the whole drama. Readin the Dramabeans recaps was the only enjoyable thing about this show. A guy never showing any sort of interest whether purely sexual or romantic in any other person and just self-sacrificially worshipping one individual Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I could read your frustration with the drama several times and wondered how often you pulled out your hair.

I can’t believe hwzng drama got HJW and LJW who were hot and sizzling in hwabg single project before this, and turned it into a snoozefest.

Z August 19, at 9: It would have worked if writers did smth during that time like Hana missing Won, Hana comparing SH to Won unconsciously, Hana maturing etc. I gave up on this show Episode 4 and came back to read this recap. Sementara Tomoko dengan pekerjaannya disebuah pertokoan terkenal.

It’s over, and we’ll just move on. I have to say that I was not a fan of your recaps. I just can’t handle too much negativity and one-sided ignorant writing from HeadsNo2.

The passengers start chanting for her to accept his proposal, and Hana takes the rings in her hand before giving her reply: I guess they are just trying to keep the character consistent gerakhir a cute way “Aw, same old Mi-Hyang!

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Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop. I’d like to know and feel that a show respects the viewers, but so many decisions made were not explained and seemed so random, it was as if the show felt that it didn’t matter if viewer’s minds were engaged or not, or But I still can’t can’t fully understand why this one is such a flop.


I just want to sneak hear to see how this drama is going to end. But the author brings up legitimate points and flaws that even you agree tterakhir.

Knowing what hwany behind the scene with the writers and PD made me respect her even more. I would have much preferred if, like LDR, he had given relationships a try, if only to find out that that person wasn’t right for him in part because of his heart being with someone else.

It sucks to be an actor on a tanking project! My comment is offered as constructive criticism. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Though we’re given hints that he’s an ass, it’s not episde until later. I’m happy when they simply make a hug a hug and make kisses seem intimate without being overtly sexual.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

So many potential dramas have ended in utter disappoint. Not that there is anything wrong with the decision. So sad cos I really enjoyed this drama but there was just too much negativity in the recaps.

I had been looking forward to this drama when it was first announced but the final product was just LDR’s eposode family who were dysfunctional but relatable and sweet in the original switched out for crappy dying mom and boring cousin? He turns to her for verification.