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Yes, probably because he is older and because he’s full gumiho. Tapi apakah seorang dokter muda ahli bedah rumah sakit kenaman Seoul mau ditempatkan di sana? Chungjo being cross-eyed during that serious scene with Jo Gwan Woong was a lil distracting. Thanks for the recaps GF. Maybe it’s the other hand, the one he has not needed to cut to heal others and if that is the case, it would make sense that his hand looked fine. But somehow I feel that 9 episodes won’t be enough to run through the remaining plot:

Thanks for the recap!!! The man whom he thought was his brother, the man whom he had sworn to protect at the risk of his life, didn’t consider him family. That would be a lot of scars to have on his body and he might run out of places to cut, over time. Terlepas dari sedikit kekecewaan mengenai endingnya, aku berpendapat Gu Family Book adalah drama yang menarik untuk ditonton. Ivoire May 15, at 5: I’m supposed to be invigilating exam. Sayang banget ya suzy ngga ada di piku party nya: Heeee, I bet she would.

Or did the torture create a multiple personality condition in him?

And please continue to read my long winded comments and chime in, to let me know what your impressions are or any questions sknopsis would like me to ponder and see what I come up with. That’s why I feel that KC’s love for her is stemmed from the desire to be part of the family rather than because he genuinely loves her.

I have another question, and I am curious about people’s take on this: Yeo-wool paces in the yard until Kang-chi comes out, and she rushes over, worried that he got yelled at. And when it broke, instead of being shown the moment where love conquers magic, we have to be told after the fact. She is blessed to be in this drama and I think kdraatized knows it. Maybe he would be the one who is going to kill Jo Gwan-Woong in the end.


If you love someone you’ll want be with them and see them, right? YW – loved the scene where she so naturally joined hands with KC in his gumiho state and stood by him. Helen Siswati 27 Juni Who knows, KC might have mentioned YW to her and seeing how much he likes her, she threw the jar bagixn, so that he will not know that YW had cared enough and was thankful enough to give it to him. In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten, and I did mean to respond: All in all, I continue to love this drama, because in spite of its flaws, it has a lot of heart and the right actors and actresses who portray the characters in it, like in bagizn K2Hs: That would be the most terrible bait-and-switch EVER.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. He’s yearning for an acceptance as one of the ‘family’. Luckily we have all the rest of the crew to make this drama a great one, in spite of the lack of the reason in the writing. So the ‘r’ in ‘sarang’ love is the same letter as the ‘l’ in ‘mul’ water. His hair was more teased and I liked the white highlights on him – Didn’t think the highlights made him looked older. Maybe the Gumiho will eat them and we can all cheer.

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I like eposode comment Crazyajummafan made about GW being the beast in a bad way and KC not killing anyone in this ep. I don’t really see it besides remembering who YW is and getting to know her, and getting close to her. Tae-seo begs on his hands and knees for Kang-chi to rescue Chung-jo. What really bothers me abt this pair of siblings is that they talk Big and highfalutin, e.

Here, you see him patting and shoking her back as if to comfort her, not to hold her tight because he’s missed her and loves her. That was soooooo cute!!!!!! Lihat saja camily ia berusaha memegang kamera yang berat KDaddict May 15, at 1: Kitzeekat May 14, at 6: Thus judging with these amount of material, I do hope they extend the show by sinopeis couple of episodes If TS were to be in love with YW, which i guess we are given clues about, but its not natural.


Tampaknya hal itu benar-benar akan terjadi. CJ has the same reaction KC mom had with his dad–full blown rejection!

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The writer made Chung Jo disgustingly a carbon copy of Seo Hwa. Or was he hit on the head too many times during fights? Because I would have asked about the money first, as well. Shapi May 14, at That “use my blood to be saved” looks alike; there vampires heal hurt people with their own blood. Tapi dibagian akhir drama yg ada reinkarnasi gon sama LSS sedikit membingungkan.

Naruto May 14, at 6: Poor Wol-Ryung, he deserves to happily reunite with his son. Externally he is at the top of the system. LOL against his own son? As they jab each other playfully, Master Dam watches from around the corner with a grave look on his face.

I hope the preview’s a tease.

Not for that worm. I know it is coming, but it annoys me all the same. I would encourage you to do the same, if you don’t mind.