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Why did Rui Fan stop when he was about to propose to An Zen? An Zhen and Tian Wei had their happy ending which I am happy to see because he really deserves her plus we really do not need another reptition. October 29, at 3: Read somewhere that they were filming a movie, but I suppose that was all just speculations? It’s been updated with new answers!! Email required Address never made public.

Did you read my comments from the recap? How can she go back to the way things once were between them when she has changed so much? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Marriage is only one part of their lives, and even without a man by their side, they can still raise a family and find true happiness. Wives out there I think its best if you watch it together with your husband. Really appreciated with your explanation for the ending. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Oh feirce for so much more information! However, I was quite disappointed that An Zhen could not move on from Rui Fan; I wanted for her to start anew and actually work out where her hearts belong to and not having half-hearted feelings for both Rui Fan and Tian Wei.

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He can finally answer her previous question about what their ten years of marriage means to him. I think the answer is blatantly in front of us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This time around, the handshake is not one of rejection, but of a mutual affection for the other person; a kind of embrace, full of nuances.


She presents him with a framed portrait of the family project she had worked on a while ago — hand prints from the three of them. He hopes to write a weekly journal entry on his travels, which will all be published in the newspapers for the public to read. The story of this drama is about a happy married life of a very good housewife, an almost perfect wife whom I believe every man wants and a responsible and kind husband who turned out to be a cheater after they took care of the housewife’s cousin.

I watched part of the Fierce Wife on Hulu but only 8 episodes were available. Xie Anzhen is a happily terakhid housewife to Wen Ruifan, a handsome young man, Marketing and Sales manager at a cosmetics company up for a promotion to VP. Yes I am a strange person. Miss you so much fire-wife.

An Zhen watches him close the door with a final thud. Yes, she weds Tian Wei at the end.

Wei En is on leave for many days, and does not turn up for work even until the day of Rui Fan and An Zhen wedding anniversary. Shall I save the tears and the goodbyes for later?

I wanted to see the guys both have an equal chance and both really fight for her, because after all this movie is supposedly about An Zhen having not made up her mind about which guy to choose.

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The second handshake looks more like a clutch than an actual handshake, with An Zhen placing her hand in his. All of this, he says with tears in his eyes. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Tterakhir also brings back the atmosphere in TFW and really helps to enforce the journey that each of the character has been through.

I;m not really sure of the title if its Zhi Wang. Share This Share this post with your friends! And like you, I became a fan of Sonia Sui: Since watching FW, I have become a huge fan of Sonia Suiwho portrayed Xie An Zhen with such depth that it made her an immediately winning protagonist from the start.


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Im so happy to find out there is a movie!! Married for over 10 years, and with a 5-year old daughter Wen Yumeng she literally lives to serve her family while letting her image and wardrobe fall through the cracks. So simple, so poignant. She is no longer the housewife who relies on her husband but rather a strong career woman who is able to make bold choices. The film was released on 17 August Read somewhere that they were filming a movie, but I suppose that was all just speculations?

I really loved that the movie tied up the bits and bobs of the drama.

Fierce Wife Tip 23 (Final) Recap

Every happening leaves a mark on me eoisode it breaks and touches my heart. That made it feel so much realistic and have a deeper meaning. Go to this link to see the whole follow-up movie, but without English subtitle: I was a fan when I first started writing these recaps, but on further analysis, the chemistry between Tian Wei and An Zhen was far from the chemistry she had with Rui Fan.

Anzhen welcomes Wei En and her cat Oliver with open arms, even helping her get a job at Rui Fan’s company. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The grip is strong and is symbolic of their mutual understandings.