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It doesn’t necessarily have to be big, dramatic scopes. The drama tells the story of Ha And I’d watch a sequel if they did one. This could have ended so much better, so many ways to have run this drama better and make that the hard working guy gets rewarded by his work and honesty, or at least live happily with humility in his workplace with a loving Ga young next to him. She just crumbles and strengthens, cries and laughs only as plot motivators. It was nice to see that he made up with his dad.

This show is just ridiculous. I gave up on episode 6 of Fashion King for obvious reasons , but I hate giving up dramas, so when I came across your recaps a couple of weeks ago I was really happy. She criticizes everything he does…. Nikki May 25, at But the Korean troops help get him through, saluting their congratulations. SoneSeKyungFan December 7, at 5:

Probably showing her all free and happy. And I was indifferent and even laughing at the scene where Anthony is dying because of the meta: Can this girl do anything for herself besides draw ugly clothing?

[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 18 | K-POP! rage

That one goes in my punny book The drama started with a pretty convincing beginning, i thought it would be a great drama. Min is visited by his whole family.


I laughed so much at the LGE’s mum scene – it was kinf cute! Madam Jo also wants them to charge less commision than them, which makes Jae Hyuk look at her as if this was a brilliant business strategy.

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Did Ga-young know it was going to happen? Ga-young wanders home and on her way, she pauses a storefront and remembers the day she saw her Michael Jackson jacket hung on a mannequin.

Which means that there will be a second or even third. He is like a lost pup.

I had never clicked fast forward so much on my PC ever. Because their movies sucks!

The King’s Woman: Episode 18 Recap

WHIB gave a horribe ending — I was really stunned, not expecting it to be so violent with 3 dead! However, An-na is not happy, and pulls him aside to tell him that his greed has gone too far. This is my point of view, from Montreal, Canada. There is something very gentle and sweet about him that surfaced even in his anger.

Fashion King: Episode 19 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

I loved to see their dance throughout the drama and I loved where they ended up. You will be gun-down. Follow via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


I was thinking it would be a happy ending. That ending still pisses me off to this day. I also wanted to hear Anthony tell GE that “he loved her,” at the airport. He orders Li Zhong to execute Han Shen for daring to take a royal consort out of the palace.

Jae-hyuk is a horrendous businessman.

It was the biggest way the finale failed to deliver for me. He’s a talented actor. The world that our children will live in, at the very least… it has to be better than the world we lived in.

Two things I enjoyed about the ending: I still miss Shi-Kyung.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

It was as if the series, or at least the first But you’re right, I’m gonna miss Hyun-min’s zany, vain, and vapid character! Well, she thought all day and decides to give the apartment key, the boutique key and the deed back with an apology.

But there is nothing between them, he replies, drawing tears from her eyes.