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Maybe the writers are trying to make some romeo and juliet tragic ending, or break the trend of the good guy winning, but in my opinion, its not going to win over much support from viewers. Anonymous July 25, at 4: Anonymous July 29, at 4: Gooyaabi Templates Powered by Blogger. But people who watch should deserved better ending. I found it infuriating to watch. But now I understand. Fell in love with Yuri after this.

Anonymous December 30, at There was so many flashbacks we never saw before, flashbacks that were useless.. Its just stupid seeing YoungGul get killed like that. The actors from Fashion King should have learned that lesson! SimSimani May 24, at 7: Anonymous October 19, at 1:

Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

I stuck it out till episode 17 and realized I could save myself a few hours by just reading how it ends. Sinkpsis she did was get teary-eyed, stared and refused to answer whatever the other characters were asking her.

Faith in humanity, destroyed. I stopped watching a long time ago but the way you write your recaps was interesting enough for me to keep reading. Every time I see the drama cycle through on Dramafever, I just get pissed off! A man who is poor got rich and wants revenge then failed and died in a more ridiculous death. The horror…I gave up on this drama ages ago but I heard how bad the ending was so I read the last four recaps.

SINOPSIS Fashion King Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

How did Young-gul get the fashjon in the first place? It should have been a happy one. I was almost satisfied with the ending. GA is seeking fashion design and love.


SINOPSIS Fashion King Episode 1 – 20 Episode Terakhir | Gambar Artis Korea

You had a total sociopathic lack of response to a gunshot. The ending of Ga Young and Jae Hyuk for being together, I think not to bad, that the fair reason, because Young Gal never confess and bear Ga Young for waiting forever. What happens to Young-gul and Ga-young? This was my first solo venture into recapping a live show and it was way more difficult and time consuming than I expected.

Their creditors come take their stuff, everyone wants to know where Young Gul is, etc etc.

Man, fazhion ending totally bummed me out. Afterwards, Young Gul vanishes to the wind, even though everyone of importance knows about his little New York apartment.

She only experienced hardships, was there even a scene that she was truly happy? Anonymous October 28, at 1: But the whole drama was frought with frustrating silences and lack of communication…or in the case of the ticket, incorrect communication.

We knew the rich corporation was going to try to ruin KYG for about the 3rd or 4th time. I have never been more disappointed about an ending of a K drama as much as I was watching Fashion King. He has operating expenses that he pays and he keeps the rest. Chil-bok and Il-gook call to deliver the bad news. I love the actors and actresses but the drama itself just trrakhir.

What if, over time, she marries JH and falls in love with him, and he falls in love with someone else…. For Young gul to just die like that,is so sad.

But with Ga-young…no fucking clue. You guys have all forgotten about the guys that almost threw him in the ocean in episode 2 or 3,that he promised rolex wrist watches and ran away latter.


WHIB gave a horribe ending — I was really stunned, not expecting it to be so violent with 3 dead! I will definitely try to check in on Friday if I can.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Final. Fashoin went up…how is that possible? At least i wanna watch more of shin se kyung, what a beautiful lady. It felt ffashion if the writers were trying to recapture what had made the earlier drama such a success, much in the way 1-0.

An-na looks happy at his consent. The Return of Iljimae Final. From my point of view from that of last episode, there should be a contination part of it coz, Young Gul was shot nd Gal Young did not gave up with Jae Hyuk. She had a cow during every other major and minor event on the show.

This drama is not the same as the other dramas that throw out a bunch of story scenes on other characters of this drama. Some more permanently than others…. The ending was not suppose to end this way!!

It fits the self-destructiveness of his character. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Epiisode. You gave this shi-crap a lot of thought.

He loved Ga-young because she was the same as him. I liked seeing your name pop up. Mhonette April 12, at 7: