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But instead, he did, twice. A man as wonderful as Yoon-Chan was, should honestly put any other leading male to shame. Email required Address never made public. I have his first drama, Dear Heaven. Even though there was indeed plenty of time to ties all loose ends together, sadly not everything did, which was slightly disappointing. Ha-Na was the most important person to him, and he made sure that she knew that too.

It was this sense of strength that drew me in, and drove my desire to root for her, so that she could achieve the greatest she possible can. Yep, that is what we are told to believe, and so we have to follow along with the drama, seeing time and time again why it is so crucial for the next heir of the Soy Sauce company to be a male rather than a female. And wow, you knew from the get-go too? But why am I thinking in this manner? While Yoon Chan always tried his best to help her taking revenge on SS group and even almost sacrificed his life to cover her from the bullet and not asked her anything in returns. But, it probably would have made that whole factor more important and can crucial to making the sot sauce if they tried to emphasise that point much more throughout the drama. The main reason behind this is because his character, right from the start, is the man we see for the entirety of the drama.

But instead, he did, twice. Not to mention the gender issues that arose simply from the introduction. AGJL November 5, at Views Read Edit View history. The Jang family yrown the Hwangso Soy Sauce Factory, which has been making soy sauce for two centuries.

Jang Ha Na is really the kind of daughter that most women at least in Asia in my generation wish to become!

But, I do have to give credit to the writer, Yoon Young-Mi, for writing something so frustrating that somehow got me, like many others, trailing behind the story like a lost puppy. And I personally felt that Ha-Na realised that too towards the end, by thinking back to all the times when Yoon-Chan was there for her rather than Do-Hyeon.

Ha-Na, in particular, displayed characteristics that I relate really close to, and demonstrates what I should probably strive to gain as I grow older in both age and maturity. Thank you to the cast and production crew for bring us such a wacky roller-coaster ride that I surprisingly still enjoyed enough to stay on for the entire time.


They did try kind of to suggest the reasoning behind a son rather than a daughter in modern times rather than just a cultural thing being based on the idea that physically men and woman are very different.

She looks pretty badass in this pic. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: After watching it for a week, it made me feel empty when it ended. On set, they just seemed to get along, like everyone else did. I suggest you watch Assorted Gems.

Like you, I was sooooooo happy that our ship sailed; I definitely can relate!

Email required Address never made public. My most favourite bit from the drama relating to Yoon-Chan was this particular moment that I have quoted below.

“A Well Raised Daughter Ha-Na” Review: Long, long and epic, just epic…

Welll, one thing that I can sadly admit that may ruin the genuinity of daugbter couple is due to the fact that during the drama, there was not a lot of couple moments between the two that could convince many about how these two could have got together. I know, this may seem not that fair since so much was happening that tried to drive Do-Hyeon and Ha-Na apart on purpose, but honestly if Do-Hyeon really wanted her, he should kofea just ran away with her, rather than just using words to reassure her.

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This man seems too good to be true huh? Haha yes, how lucky were we?

TheOwlScribe June 6, at We are told right near the beginning about how he feels towards Ha-Na, man or not which is an amazing statement in itself!

But, it probably would have made that whole factor more important and can crucial to making the sot sauce if they tried to emphasise that point much more throughout the drama. Tae Gun is done justice in the romance department.

Yoon-Chan was a man who stood up for himself and others when he knew that justice was not being served, and never gave up even though he knew that the situation had not been favourable. After discovering this drama, I have literally became a Tae-Gon addict.

On a side note as well, there is a certain section that does include spoilers. In terms of absurdness, I do have to give credit here and say that she does well in writing it.


I can totally understand why they would, but for some darn reason, he just never caught my attention like Yoon Chan did. The main reason behind this is because his character, right from the start, is the man we see for the entirety of the drama.

I remember impatiently waiting for subs each week while watching this one: I swear, it must have been a conscious decision made by the writer in order to sinipsis silly people such sinopxis myself, hooked and wanting to see what will happen to Yoon-Chan oppa! Tam Kom October 20, at 7: When the patriarch’s son dies in a train crash, Jang Ha-na, the family’s fourth daughter, is chosen to be its next successor.

Now, one of the main issues I found about the way the drama has isnopsis written overall, was that if you were not able to gain a liking for Ha-Na, than this drama is practically dead to you.

Yami Hyunnie February 26, at 9: Hi, your review on this drama is very thorough, but I do want to leave a comment on your question kodea the Asian tradition of clinging on to the male heir. Where in asia are you living?

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With the way the drama was going I totally would have thought that he had no chance at getting the girl Pre-determined K-drama plots and all. Personally, I felt that this drama allowed me to realise what I really care about in terms of the values I consider in life. After reading it, o can put a end to the series.

Since ancient time men had been forced by their parents to marry a second wife because their first frown could not give birth to a son the husband could either divorce and then remarry or just simply sinipsis the second wife while still married to the first wife! I am the oldest and I only have another younger sister by 6 six years. Zaini April 18, at 4: Might find it unsubbed but that is it.

And thanks to the writer who made this main character so sexy and amazing.