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They introduced some interesting storylines for everone that didn’t really go anywhere, like Nam-woo debt, Min-ho’s conflict with his family, and Yoon-hee not telling her husband the reason for their divorce. After hanging up, Ji-ho gets a message from Jung-min, who congratulates her about her lawsuit. Rather than moving away towards the door – he goes inward to the bed and sits ie. Matt Damon shows up again in the final episode. They deserve that, and they would all perform better, as we know. He was just calm like ‘she’s mine and I know it, but I won’t tug it out with you just to prove my point’. In reality, Ji-ho is reading comics with Ho-rang at the sauna, living at a guesthouse housing mostly foreigners in Seoul. He’s also basically immortal and getting promotions, so I figure he can survive another few years before he’s the one in charge instead of the one doing the dirty work lol.

I mean, YSJ’s skin is also amazing There was not one second where I did not believe his feelings were real. I noticed someone had used descendant of the sun just curious anyways what a great drama! But it’s that kind of blatant PPL that takes away from the whole drama-watching experience, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth: But then there are the top two tiers. Two sentences you wrote caught my attention because I agree with them. Oh, I bawled my eyes out and had to stop this for a while. Like the young nurse, I completely thought the doctor was cool.

I am going by JH clothes ha ha! Thanks Gummi for the fabulous recaps. Sometimes I feel so dense.

Se Hee needed to feel and thus recognize the hurt and depths of his feelings for Ji Ho. While both had to compromise to make their relationship and marriage possible, he ended up sacrificing more– the largest sacrifice, of course, being his dream of developing his own app.


KDrama With Maggi November 30, at 8: It sucks how Bo Young kept avoiding him and how Min Ho kept steamrolling over her rejection and cutting her off mid-sentence. From almonds which we also saw in Heirsto beauty products, to cars, to delocious, phones, sandwich restaurants, and even an airline company etc…the writers made sure they covered them all PPL, check.

It may not be as dramatic they especially didn’t feel any need to complicate the story behind the time conductor–i mean, why the hell is it necessary for him to be BH’s father?!

Sinkpsis sort of understood Ji Ho when she left in episode 15, but then episode 16 left me a little confused about her. Se-hee offers to make omurice for her, but Ji-ho bluntly tells him to just order chicken. In fact the first is exactly the same! I am putting on my rose tinted but ever so critical glasses for the breakfast scene.

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It did the best part in the comedy and romance department. From afar it’s the best thing to come out of a epidode. I saw most of your comments I’m checking all DotS recaps toward the second couple are always negative. Park got the most character development in this whole drama. Lets mourned together, I’ve lost some precious brain cells too, altho I stop at earlier episode.

And seriously, this is like the first drama I’m watching propossal I’m not screaming at the characters to get their head in gear. That was the nature of their job, and neither the girls nor us would ever learn the context of the mission. It’s me thinking that I’m being considerate to the person by not getting angry or sad towards them.

I wasn’t able to hang out much on DB so I missed many conversations, fanwall posts and the shipping wars. That’s my fav part. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m hoping though, that the working conditions for everyone involved were at least better. However, I still don’t feel much about Yi-seul character.


One think I am sure though, she planned to comeback. I don’t think I liked the ending all that much.

If you would get too critical with this drama as if it an Oscar nominee you won’t really enjoy it. I love reading all the comments so please keep them coming! I think it was only a couple of weeks because that’s how long Se hee took his vacation. Legal, sinopsjs doubt, but rather unseemly, don’t you think?

Mindy,I love this essay! Ye’s fault that Bo Young lied to him. They also meet Shin-ae, a poor student with lots of determination and big dreams of owning her own restaurant someday.

Delicious Proposal

The cynical, battle-hardened man up against a smart, sassy, strong woman works for me every time. Exactly how I feel towards Dr. The monologues and the more metaphorical dialogues were also not quite as hard-hitting or relevant in this episode.

Zarzamora May 22, at 5: KES certainly casts leads of high star power. Some of us will make the same choices. Shouldn’t the writer have checked first if there is indeed a propksal in Vancouver?

I’m not sure if that’s why you had such insights but whatever it is P that always helps thanks propsal much for the recaps and now i have a whole spew a new dramas to watch: Ji-ho packs her belongings, and Se-hee arrives.

Of course, they get it right sometimes.