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Sure, it’s a drama, so we’re allowed to fantasise for a happily ever after, but keeping with the realism of the dangerous times of that historical period makes it such a superior watch for me. I really wanted Chea yoon and so yi to live happily ever after which brings me to my current question, has anyone here read the book? I was moved to tears when the citizens were reading aloud and also during Sejong’s narrative at the end. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I feel like the writers just went on a joy ride trying to kill as many characters off as possible to make it exciting. Chaeyon chain letter was genius??

They all know the alphabet! Through your eyes, Orabeoni, I will see it for sure. It amazes me how far ahead of his time Sejong was, too. I know this whole alphabet thing was important to Sejong, but he did a lot of other things, too. Lee tries to butter him up, saying how much he was worried about him. That being said, that scene wasn’t about him, and Shin Se-kyung really did knock it out of the park. Argghhhhhhh I’m like left hanging and so dissatisfied! A happy ending probably wouldn’t have given this drama the final “ummph” TWDP needed.

My favorite characters were definitely Sejong and My-hyul also my favorite “couple”. He spends several years becoming a great warrior.

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He has ordered lots of murders so far but has not actually carried one out himself yet. Cho-tak and Park-po, who have been aiding Chae-yoon in his search for So-yi, follow the sounds hree the cave to see her dead body covered, and beside her are the two wooden wedding sinopsie Chae-yoon bought.

Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 5 part 1 part 2. Why couldn’t they let soyi and chaeyoon live happily ever after like the dream parting at the end–since that’s all both of them wanted?

Now back to crying But on the other hand, in a way I think the reason they died is sort of poetic The king joins their hands together. It soon becomes known that the king, with the help of So-yi and the Hall of Worthies scholars, has been working for years on a secret project, which turns out to be the creation of the Korean alphabet. If he wanted to just assassinate the King, Jung Ki-joon says, he could have just used the secret passage.


Sinopsis I Miss You Episode And even Gae Pa Yi wonders if he is strong enough to do whatever this is …. The citizens, those letters, the image of them reading them. Views Read Edit View history. This is my fav sageuk but I really wish they didn’t kill off our main couple!

She pulls the arrow out. Taking its name from the poem Yongbieocheonga that says that trees with deep roots do not sway, the series tells the story of a royal trew played by Jang Hyuk investigating a case involving the serial murders of Jiphyeonjeon scholars in Gyeongbok Palace while King Sejong played by Han Suk-kyuin his TV comeback after 16 years of solely film work comes to create the Korean written language.

Otherwise, a fitting wrap-up for this insanely thrilling, heartpumpingly intense show. She dies and collapses in his arms. He cries with joy. The arrow just hit her arm, but the moment she rolls up her sleeve she sees a black and bloodied mess. But nothing can be done. From Gooted, the free encyclopedia. Chae-yoon – Luke Skywalker apprentice to “Yoda” and both full of internal turmoil So-yi – Princess Leia woman in charge Mu-hyul – Obi Wan except Mu-hyul looked to be in considerably better shape in his older years Cho-tak – Han Solo OK he’s chubbier and not as good-looking, but Cho-tak has his charms, er, way with women Park-po “piggy” – Chewbacca always ready for a meal spisode Jo Mal-saeng – Admiral Ackbar for no other reason than both are too cool The baddies: This was the saddest part of the episode for me.

Episodes by odilettante. And thumbs up, HeadsNo2 for your awesome recaps. I didn’t get my happy ending but it was satifying to see everything wrapped up. What the heck was that? At the time, I thought maybe that was really true.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Episode 6 by Helcat. With one foot already in the next world, Chae-yoon is intent on allowing So-yi to see everything through him.

However, after the year time skip, the king has this scene where he looks around, and recognizes that it’s a world without SY, CY, and MH and it reminded me of the scene after his father died when he recognizes that its a world without his father.


I also love the dreamy sequence of Soyi n Chaeyon live together as it cemented my belief that they sacrificed their lives for greater benefit of the ppl, thus the beautiful life is either in heaven or sejong imagination.

Retrieved from ” https: So-yi even if she has to lose an arm and Cha Yeon live happily. I love the ending very much!!

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I hate the ending so much! HeadsNo2, thanks for putting your heart and soul into these gorgeous and thrilling and funny recaps. Will be rootedd out for her future projects, too. The Haerye is splattered with blood, but seemingly complete.

After all Sejong took his cues from multiple sources too – great visions don’t just fall out of the sky! Too much blood and gore in the last episode where every one dies! X, this is still a fanciful imagination of Sejong: Any actors created by them and helping the theme lead through episodes need to disappear finally At least one of his falls lands him near the cave So-yi is in.

She better be fine. No no no no no. We find her some ways away, alive thank goodnessbut something is amiss when she sits up.

Although I must admit that I think that comparing to the whole series and the fact that there was somewhat of an ongoing fight between swords and words and what is more powerful in this series, I felt like the ending was too much about the swords, it siinopsis too many people being killed at the same time, and too many scenes of blood to my taste.

He rushes to the king. Why must jang hyuk die? He seems to be having trouble speaking while not swallowing that fake blood!!