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Saboriana, regarding Yoon Joo, I find your higher-level analysis far more likely than those superficial predictions that came before yours. So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes. Episode 4 by Regals. Episode 6 by Helcat. Yes, I am an ‘all in’ KDrama lover. It’s not like she’s cheating on him.

Honestly more so the first half then the latter. A customer has come to Artemis and complains that one of the bags she bought has detached spots on it. He no longer wanted to doubt her feelings. It just does these little twists in how the characters are drawn, so that nobody is really good or really evil Rather, she will marry him and then help maintain the image he needs for life, making business choices and partnerships that will help protect his pure love for her. What I wear counts just as much as my competence and sense of style. So if you squint..? I would’ve probably go mental during the first day!

Thanks for the recaps! Sure, you can make us think ,orea class and wealth in modern South Korean society but to have it done through a pedantic, unsympathetic character like SK is just boring.

He’s all business, then all emo, then all cute-as-a-button, then all stuttering also cute as a button. Or will she rebel against the Shin family and Il-nam and help Se-kyung and Seung-jo be together? Choi Ah-jung asks Secretary Moon out to have cake together.

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Always hate it when main characters date in the dramas because it’s just awkward and feels fake. Im debating whether I should start or not. I think the Alice references aren’t all there, they weren’t trying to make a live-action or something, it was more like, inspired by the ideas of “what’s ideal” and “why is it ideal anyway?


She takes the piece of information that Seo Yoon-jo has married in France and goes to threaten her. Also, In-hwa’s pearl-clutching at the end there was hilarious. On the one hand, I’m glad that they’re cheongdamcong the topic of domestic abuse, but seriously?

Dong Wook says to treat Seung Jo as a ticking time bomb and to never leave his side. I guess it did show that even the coolest characters can have a stupid, petty side.

Perhaps he koreq recommend her humble boutique and designs to someone. I thought I was unaffected as I didn’t take that mother-in-law’s badness to heart, BUT this morning I woke up after a horrible nightmare where she somehow became my grandma Once again, they have a moment due to the proximity of their lips.

Am I not mistaken that the writers where the one who wrote deep rooted trees.

I think it is the sole reason why I cheongdamdongg not get pass the 3rd episode. I’m kindof getting a leeetle annoyed with Se Kyung though, because I think she’s being a little bit too passive, especially since she’s got herself in such a mess.

That makes Yoon-joo tear up, and she bemoans their combined misery. Or is the vanity an excuse episodee doing what he knows he has to do to survive?

Ho-min hides around a corner and calls his sister, urgently informing her that Il-nam is here. InSu January 14, at 3: Se-kyung will even carry the burden for the rest of her life and never confess if she must. They split up and go into the adjacent conference rooms in the back to start their yelling matches, duh.


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I don’t believe they are actually in wpisode love with each other yet but sometimes cheongdwmdong potential of falling in love is so tempting and intoxicating thats its harder to overcome than the real reality of living with the one you love. I just don’t buy his sadness because he has a face saying he’s breathing with joy. I just read an article on koreatimes.

First off it like the story has forgotten that that SJ was never SK target.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When asked by his secretary why aluce accepted her proposition, he only says that he had to accept it in order to look good and cool. Cha Seung-jo goes to see his father, president Cha ll-nam of Royal Company, and in a disdainful tone, tells him that Artemis will not be a shop in the Royal Company’s shopping center.

Your email address will not be published. How did she not break her neck? He knew that actually, but now its just too blatant. Seeing this, Cha Seung-jo starts to cry because he is so moved, but not realizing the fact that Han Se-kyung has written that letter with a purpose.