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Thanks for the recap! Sigh and sigh again. I get that the whole situation or 2 situations, to be precise was made with the allusion to “Alice story”, but Han Se didn’t even do anything that shocking to get that gold digger reputation yet everyone was blaming her and making a huge fuss over it. She had to protect Seung-jo, and to that effect, she became someone useful. I found the both the resolution of and the overall love story between Sekyung and Seungjo believable and credible. But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em!

Rather than running away his first instinct — though interesting that Se-kyung accuses him of doing so because he knows people will chase after him he’s facing the problem. To him, he feels like his revenge against his father failed because he wanted to do everything on his own. This was a very Seung-jo-centric episode. Believe in happy things, but never completely close your eyes so you can still see reality. The Gilded Age, the global wealth gap before the Great Depresson, it is all there. What I didn’t like was that SJ sort of remembered the whole dreaming thing only after a while so, If the alcohol was stronger, he wouldn’t remember it at all and thus there would be no happy reunion, or what??? He does have one question: So may many juicy bits to gain from this drama that I wish I could mention them all and I’m sure there are more yet to be discovered.

In K dramas was dealt with. They told me to protect you. It’s one of the sinospis dramas I’ve watched in recent history, love it, love it love it!!! Thanks for the recaps!

Or am I just not understanding this particular nugget of wisdom? The subject matter the writer was dealing with is too hard to deal with in just 16 episodes though. I don’t know what’s there about that face, it just makes me want to punch her.


Both females had jobs and were intelligent women. As for the actors, I think you’re right about Moon Geun Young being sad but I don’t think she’s unskilled as an actress. Not the idealized version who restored his faith in love, but the one who is standing before him who can make him believe that loving someone means accepting the other person — the good with the bad.

Siti Latifah A irfa-latifah I enjoyed the journey of the whole drama.

But he’s a total douche. This drama isn’t completely just about aiming to marry into a rich family and live on 5th Ave. I guess I’m pretty much alone with thinking that the overall score for this series is pretty high. That’s one area where I felt this drama dropped the ball, once again I ask why cast Kim Ji suk and then given him nothing to do.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. It was manic, and then it was makjang. Ruth January 28, at This the reality of our world. I do have one regret though The production budget should stretch enough to allow your lead actors to not look like they’re one step away from becoming human popsicles.

And I don’t even understand why did she have to become a gold digger since she knew Seung Jo loved her back already. Yoon-joo rightfully is hurt, and finds it a punishment. He finds that his nightmare never ends — all these manipulative women must really exist if they keep appearing around him. But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em!

Seung-jo wants to know when she found out that Yoon-joo was his ex. This drama kindof felt like multiple dramas in one, which sometimes made it hard to watch. The saleslady kindly turns her down, and Seung-jo is once again reminded of the time Se-kyung came back to get a copy of the warranty.


Who is living in reality? Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. Episodes by LollyPip. Whereby for him, episodde just a place he lives, not a destination. If he is so insistent that nothing will happen to him, Se-kyung tells him not to run away.

I had to replay that 10 times and a couple of psychologists all wrapped into one blank stared, dead behind the crossed eyes gold digger. You are not alone. Looking forward to everyone in their next drama. As it turns out, that man was the cheonhdamdong of the painter. I’ve seen her in Cinderella sister, I love her then But – and that’s a big one – it could do so much better with all those reflections. Speaking of which, Secretary Moon briefs Seung-jo on his schedule.

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The recaps really do add to the watching experience. They rig the rules and dictate who is rich and who is not.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Down With Love (Final)

I wonder if its the first time she has to fend for herself. Only then can she prove that she really loved him and not the money. Nope — Se-kyung came to break up. She wants him to half wake up and understand the real world, but in a world that is filled with harsh reality, it’s always nice to have some fantasy to escape to. Questions of i is love the be all and end all?

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Looking back I don’t know if even now we were given a credible reason for why Sekyung kept her secret from Seungjo for so long. For a better and more heartfelt take on wealth and class, I recommend I Live in Cheongdam Dong instead.

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