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And what this show teaches us is that we must always lock our personal electronic devices. JoAnn – I felt the same way the first two episodes, but despite flaws in the series I am now hooked to see just how evil that mother-in-law can get, and if she gets the shaft in the end. You should be just grateful However, I suppose the costume department wants to highlight his kookiness. That would be a pretty solid state to leave the series in, but it does leave me wanting for more. Han Se-kyung answers that the one to the President is hand made by her.

After Han Se-kyung hears about this news, she immediately runs to So In-chan’s house. Mystisith January 22, at 1: Se-kyung is waiting for him outside in his car, and he finally comes back to her. He only ever saw what he wanted to see in her. But In-hwa wants to know everything Yoon-joo can tell her about Se-kyung first. Very romantic, absolutely not realistic but Happy Ending.

Oh Jang Hyuk, if Iris 2 disappoints me like the vast majority of kdrama right now School excluded After three years, surprisingly, episofe is offered a job as a temporary worker at a clothes designing company called GN Fashion. I would like to see the outcome of the dinner between two daddys. She shows Il-nam all of her artwork; her father never praised her for her accomplishments either, but he showed his pride and approval by keeping every single one of her awards and drawings.

The actress plays her like a dead cold fish who is always giving Yoon Joo the evil snake eye. Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love.

But instead, Tommy Hong sees her desire, what she wants in her heart. That only means she will use you. Very romantic, absolutely not realistic but Happy Ending.

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But sinoosis cant help it I only hope her husband decides to become a White Knight or would it be White King? I dropped years inheritance like a hot potato after half of the first episode. I think she’s getting her warrior on. He interrogates her about her family, and of course her poor background does not satisfy him.


In return, Tommy Hong pours a cup of soy sauce onto Han Se-kyung. During the dance ball, Han Se-kyung meets Cha Seung-jo, still unaware of Cha Seung-jo’s real identity; she asks to see the president of Artemis. Seo Yoon-joo tells her she must solve her first problem, which is sihopsis, or else she can never succeed.

She emerges from the bathroom to sino;sis Seung-jo opening another bottle calmly. He wants to know her final decision by tomorrow.

I felt my heart breaking during the church scene.

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I’m so rooting for the last 2 episodes, Please writers. I do not know why, but the ending, instead of leaving me with a sense of doom, it left me with a sense of hope. That’s too much to hope, I guess, for such a short drama? Aren’t we all some good and some bad. Now Seung-jo has to face his worst nightmare in the face and not even his infectious smile and willful self delusion can drive away the horrifying possibility that what he believed was pure love is actually soiled by pragmatic material needs.

One day she just packed up and left, but after the divorce she picked him up after school. I’ll give it one more episode.

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Been abroad, now it’s fpisode to catch up! Finally the truth is out. Deep in my heart I know she meant it. Yeah, I think it’s just this drama.

Eye Candy January 22, at 2: At the beginning I was a bit bored with this story line, and Se Kyung persistently dangling to In Chan was really annoying, but then there the comedies saved the day and I continued watching I still tend to laugh if I recall Seung Joo’s ‘kamsha eruption’ with his country dialect XD. Personally I love this drama a lot I hated that they showed TH so careless with info about his subjects, when this is his real livelihood.


Se-kyung’s boyfriend of six years Namkoong Minwho has to pay his sick mother’s medical bills, runs away with her savings.

Shin became my sole savior for this episode: With that, she will promise to succeed in both business and love. He goes through her phone and finds out that she is somewhat using Cha Seung-jo. Both Choi Ah-jung and Secretary Moon still cannot figure out what they said to each other.

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He stares at her coldly: Heavens, how deeply did this child’s mother wound him when she traded him fro alimony, how savagely did this boy’s lover scar him when she abandoned his penniless arms. I really really prefer se kyung with the bangs He might have experience satisfaction for the payback but this is short-lived. D Overall I liked Alice much more than most, in large part because it has avoided most of the far too common cliches – nobody alcie amnesia, cancer, or was chased down by debt collector gangs.

Every time she was acting nice and innocent, i cant help it but wandering if she was sincerely being nice or faking it.