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The story is adorable, the cinematography beautiful. This drama sounds very promising! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Your email address will not be published. There’s a point in dating where you stop looking at assets and start looking at character. But was pleasantly surprised when I watched it online. Anyone want to do it with me?

I found it hard to sympathize with Sun-Mi exactly because she has this awesome fallback guy. YT January 15, at 1: It makes me so happy. How many eps is this? Your email address will not be published. But I am glad that its looking good.

A reaper sunbae materializes in the store next to her and asks why she likes dramas so much, when they all tell the same story over and over. But thanks to a bunch of nice dramas for this summer.

As he rides his scooter carrying a grocery delivery, another teenager steps directly into his path. I mean the similar facial features.

It also doesn’t hurt that she remains cordial to her ex, even though the marriage was bad enough she wanted to leave it, and is devoted to her son their relationship is adorable. Seul-bi ventures down to the restaurant and samples the drinks in the case. A great cast and a great first episodes! The second episode sold me and I’m looking forward to their developing relationships. Ah,i remember how i loveee these show.

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He seems reluctant to bring up a topic he abandons for a later time a new love, perhaps? She wonders how she might cn able to return to her old life, and then looks out at the passing cars with a serious look on her face. I do believe that he is a grumpy, solipsistic teenager, which was one of my major worries about watching a drama with these two paired with a 14 year old. So far the show seems cute.


And that you keep recapping it: Ah it’s good to know that I’m not the only person who enjoys the reaper sunbae character! Time freezes for everyone—except for one girl perched on the roof of a building, who watches curiously. I couldn’t get Viki to work today.

I have to admit though that I hope the “love” between our angel and Woo-hyun stays at a brother sister level because I don’t know if I’ll keep watching if it turns to romantic love. So many people with so many interconnected lives, yet magically we were able to follow along with it all. Anyone can put a finger on the region this might be set in? I kinda find it offensive to put actresses my age to play They don’t have a good or warm relationship. I might actually watch this. Petitedov January 14, at 8: And at first she looks tired and worn-out even with the girlish looks– must be the eyebags.

We drama watchers hunger for a little bit of cliche and rom com feels! In fact, she and DIL have almost like mother and daughter -relationship, warm and close. Kim Hyun Joong comeback drama records a disappointing viewer rating of 0. Second is her age – being only 13 WesternI really hope they don’t take this into some kind of romance territory.

This was a really strong beginning, I agree – and when Heads said it felt like we were plopped in the middle of a world that had already existed – well, she hit the nail on the head for me.

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I was looking for this song too! She meets a man who can stop her I’m so glad you recapped this! Shim Hyung Tak is playing the guy that she gets divorced from?

At least there is a healthy family relationship in the mix. I think our Angel is totally adorable, but she is pretty much carrying the show, and not sure how far that will take it.


I have to say this is probably one of the very few times I’ve watched the first episode of a drama without any interruptions or pauses-it seems like it’s got a lot of potential to be great. Episdoe can’t find them anywhere.

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I too wish is was on more than once a week! After realizing that this airs once a week, I’ll forget about watching this and come back a few months later It’s on Viki and Gooddrama. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I can stand and patiently waiting for monstar and lets eat since im not a patient type. Kim Sae Ron is just sooo young! Moreover, it only had 12 and 16 eps.

I find the three different life situations allows for the viewer to identify with one character more than the others. Kim Sae Ron is soooo cute and squishy! I was debating if I should watch this drama because watching this for 20 weeks would be killer. I want to see more of them, and that goes for everyone snooty moms and barking mothers-in-law not included.

Hopefully that won’t be the case with this one. The writer of Can We Get Married? Uhm Force’s character is very interesting. Woo-hyun is definitely set up to be the more likable one, but I hope that Sung-yeol is developed well and steps it up as an interesting counterbalance.