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They kept pulling me back when I wanted out. Joo-wal comes by to witness the rest of the scene, though nobody pays him any heed. That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps. Agreed that there weren’t too many surprises this episode, and geez – noble idiocy – seriously like my least favourite thing in the world!!! Instead I’ll just be happy with Arang and her magistrate. Like, dying of hunger maybe, since he has been hoarding food. Jumping on this thread late I just finished the series about 5 days ago , but did no one else believe that they were going to put Arang’s soul back into her original body at the end and have her live again?

The actress playing the shaman is awesome. To live in a world of only their own together would be too much favouritism, even Kings cast little attention in the afterword of events, let alone Gods. Thank you so much JB and GF! Gosh, why are you always so harsh? The actors were superb. I once watched a show where one side of the loving couple undergoes such irrecoverable memory loss not fantasy btw but loves again regardless.

I try to be ‘neutral’. If Arang gave herself up, that would’ve been silly, cause it would be a mere little loop and a subplot with no real purpose.

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She deserves an award for that performance. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

How much did you hate me? Arang and the Magistrate Special Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Interesting arrangement you and LMH have.


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I wish this drama get many awards esp junki. What is the real reason you have come here? One thing I’ve noticed about all good love stories is that the love story isn’t the only aspect –or even the main aspect– of the story.

She came to know her truth, and to know who she was. Obvs Joowal has to do with Arang’s death. Lee Junki looks ad he owns the Saddo uniform because of the authority and strength that emanates from him when he wears it, such that he becomes the Saddo instead of someone just wearing a uniform. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thanks for the super speedy recap, girlfriday!

It is always a sniopsis to hear a different opinion. This is, hands down, my favourite tv show this year – not just favourite kdrama. Yes, the grass maybe greener on the other side but do we know how hard the owner worked for it? Hope there is no loose end.

I love those scene you mentioned too. Yes, WE the viewers figured that out eons ago. I did miss the early comedy, but they sold the emotion so much that in the end it was just all about them earning their happy ending.

Joo-wal is totally creepy – eeks I’m going to miss JK’s comments too! But these guys are ghosts, and they just keep getting back up. With lots and lots of love and mythological absurdity. I think sinopais because from episode 1 of Rooftop Prince they pretty firmly established two separate identities for the prince and xinopsis future reincarnation, so it wasn’t satisfying for Pak-ha to get the consolation guy who looks just like her boyfriend but isn’t actually her boyfriend but is, kind of.


Can mavistrate really not remember?

Ivoire August 22, at 8: Jasmin Rice October 18, at 1: Mia we are adult enough, yes Viki, is mean to my country! I paet Jo-wal is the servant who killed Arang.

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I don’t mind them being re-incarnated as long as they both retain their memories and can be together. The fight scene between Eun-oh and the ghost.

I find it strange to be so hung up on deus ex machina when in the first place we’re watching a supernatural fantasy with gods, reapers, ghosts, demons, immortal bodies, borrowed time, heaven, hell, ghost-killing fans and generally, the unexplainable.

I think anyone who had sincerely regretted deserved a better chance. Tale of Arang’s Lee Jun-ki”. Thanks, Manager ck1Oz for your work!!!