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I trust you got the homework I assigned. On August 7, , the episode was released as part of The Simpsons: What’s in the back? Come here, you slippery rascals. When the time comes to cook Pinchy, Homer cannot bring himself to do it, and instead declares him a part of the family. I am so scared. Almost got tenure too. I got me a zero once, and my life turned out just fine.

The episode received generally positive reviews from critics, and is considered one of the best episodes of the season. Lisa is derisive about playing one of Bart’s video games in order to pass the time, but soon becomes addicted to it, and consequently ignores the homework on The Wind in the Willows that she is given by Ralph Wiggum. Oh, honey, I’m so proud of you. Modified on October 1, , at The main storyline was instead pitched by former staff writer Ron Hauge , while Richard Appel , who also was a staff writer, had pitched the episode’s subplot for a long time. Come here, you slippery rascals. Marge wanted Homer to get rid of him by cooking him up, but Homer kept seeing Pinchy as a helpless, “little guy” whereas through Marge’s eyes, Pinchy looked like a normal vicious lobster. With the government-funded grant money, Springfield Elementary are able to afford a Coleco , a s home computer.


Lisa Gets an “A”

Soundtracks Piano Sonata No. When Lisa cheats on a test, she has a moral crisis when her perfect score qualifies the school for grant money; Homer adopts a lobster as a pet.

Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Talk Contributions Create account Log in. So I hereby decree that you keep the grant and let’s give this brave girl the ovation she deserves.

I wonder what’s in this glowing barrel. When it’s time to eat him, Homer has a change of heart smipsons keeps the lobster as a pet naming him Mr.

The Complete Tenth Season “. Oh, she’s a beaut. While Marge’s response may be perceived as short and curt, it also conveys the impression that one’s choice of religion is based on more than the religion’s rituals.

Homer found him at a grocery store and decided to take him home to fatten up to eat. Besides, I’ve already started spending it. I got a ”B. Your devotion to scholarship is a shining beacon to all who- Stop it! Crab to be his weapon against the heroes. Oh, you shouldn’t be watching The Learning Channel. The wolf’s at old Gil’s door. To be honest, I’m surprised and saddened- N-No.

Lisa Gets an ‘A’

The next day at school, Principal Skinner informs Lisa that her test grade has brought Springfield Elementary ‘s GPA up to the state ‘s minimum standard, and they now qualify for a basic assistance grant. Then I won’t need to excuse you from the test. Well, I guess I was just on a roll. Edit Did You Know? You live in a different house. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Oh, good old predictable Lisa.


This grant ensures a lightbulb in every classroom and a high-definition TV for the teachers’ lounge. Three children is enough, thank you.

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Together, we weigh pounds. Oh, I am in deep blank. These are study aids.

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Good Lord, what a dump. It’s hard to let go.