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Looking forward to that. Utau and Ikuto get treated like secondary characters a lot of the time. This scene made me realize that no one ever meets Ikuto in the manga. OKE that i believe, its true. Kairi wakes up the next morning to find out his sister never came home. I dunno if anyone else has noticed this, but has Amu gotten taller or what?

Comment by warriorhope — June 28, Eru was so cute in this episode. Comment by steshin — June 29, But keep rewatching episode I swear, do not take Delta airlines or Verizon! They actually had him say it. I feel so bad for him. Entries and comments feeds.

Hell, even in the drama CD, he made dorky sound sexy.

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I giggled so much during this that I almost hyperventilated. Especially when you add in 3d panning! It certainly feels that way. The lock glows suddenly because Amu arrives.

How do I subscribe to your page? A good guy makes a girl feel like a woman. Maho animes tend to make characters transform more than they do in the mangas. So we can just assume this all like…a metaphor or something?


My canon OTP anime status is pretty much confirmed. Revived in that special magical world of Amuto and OTP-ness. Eru was so cute in this episode.

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XP this is the best episode! He notices that Amu is feeling down, so he decides to ask her what is wrong. Entries and comments feeds. GTFO of my Amuto episode you annoying piece of filler crap.

Hmm…I hear that theory a lot, but I think that egg was just created to be a fifth egg for the Flow cards. They make plans to go to the Royal garden to get it back when filler dude can hear them. I can believe that. The episode starts with Kairi giving a report to his sister about Amu dhugo the Humpty Lock. I was waiting so impatiently for episode So it makes a lot of sense. Ikuto watches filler dude get in a car from behind a tree and as Yoru is asking what they should do, Amu shows up.

I went all silly and fangirly just when I was looking at the screencaps on 2chan. I wanted to also!


I wanted to kill him too. I though it was just to add emphasis to the moment, but when Ikuto looked around, as did Amu I was surprised to find out the world really HAD gone all shojo manga sparkly! The Humpty Lock only works for Amu, and the Dumpty Key works for Ikuto, so you could assume the key works the same way and would only work for Ikuto…I guess.


Sanjou calls him up to ask if he has the lock yet and he replies no.

I swear, do not take Delta airlines or Verizon! Comment by Dindae — June 28, He looked so gay in the preview. Shudder Hand-picked horror movies.

His transformation is indeed gay though.

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And what exactly was Amu thinking??? I want one so badly!!! Well, back to Amuto…OMG, the closeness! I am satisfied with the anime! And we already have the wink anyway.