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Poor Andy, I wanted to give him a hug when they all started attacking him with the octopus. The link of ep 5 on vimeo is private could please tell me the password. Thank you very much. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. While Andy as James Bond and Eric as the Six Million Dollar Man entered the camera shot confidently, the rest of the members could not hide their shyness and embarrassment. I wish the guests hadn’t chosen Eric for most of the cheek-to-cheek guesses, tho. He wore a black suit to become the ever-so-suave James Bond.

I loved when they started to harass Andy. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Could you please re-upload episode ? The theme was “SF Channel” where the members transformed into heros to recuse the president daughter who was kidnapped. Email required Address never made public. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 kitkat P:

I didn’t think they could get anymore hilarious. It’s hilarious too how maknae is still maknae even when he’s 32 years old–him jumping up and down excitedly while waiting for the bomb and freaking out in the blindfold game was shunhwa. YAY this show gives me life u have no idea ;;;;;;;;;;;;;. The uploaders have no choice about video size… because the torrents available episkde only in p size. Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung faces humiliation from the public as he is not being recognised, bringing about laughter.


Thanks for the hard-work.

And one more thing, do you by any chance have links to any RAW videos from season 1, too? This site uses cookies.

Shinhwa is back to show how variety show is done They faced nothing but humiliation in their bizarre outfits. Posted March 17, He wore a black suit to become epidode ever-so-suave James Bond. Posted March 16, What is password please write. Jeannious gif from minwoothewolf tumblr. Can this show please go on forever? I love him, eppisode i think it’s unfair that the other members didn’t get to participate.

Did you manage to watch Shinhwa Broadcast live?

Watch: Shinhwa Broadcast – Asia 24/7

I watched without sub and still laugh my head off Thanks Jen for starting a thread for this P Guess we’ll have to be patient but even without subs, I thought it was really funny! During the show, Shin Hye Sung faced humiliation while playing games with the citizens as the citizen could not recognise him, causing laughter to many. In order to recuse the president’s daughter, shknhwa members had a mission where they had to play games with the citizens and had to win for 10 times.

Thanks for the RAW file.

I added the streaming links on youtube 01luvsh if the official one lags for you Didn’t understand what they were saying but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this show. I found some gif, hopefully more to come later.


Watch: Shinhwa Broadcast

The Beatles Code ep with them was really great too. Eny love Shinhwa on variety, otp tbh. You are commenting using your WordPress. I can’t wait for next week. By cherkell Started August 30, Link Episode 12 Guest Channel Guest: You can unclick the HD option on vimeo. I loved when they started to harass Andy.

Poor Jun Jin was forced to become the Invisible Manwhich he broqdcast off by wearing nothing but shorts along with a transparent plastic sheet. JunJin transformed into invisible man and Hyesung into Tarzan.

I still bumped into broken links or the vid was deleted, but some of them are still useful. Rng, thanx Jen for starting this thread! Can you give me the link? Posted March 18, Thank you for all your hard work from a fan in NZ.

Well, if anyone can translate maybe help them out: I encourage you to do further work in doing this and once again thank you so much! You are commenting broadcasg your Twitter account. Episode for SB season 2 are not subbed yet… Or.

Is it every Saturday at 10?