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I really wish that the story had been better because I liked the art a lot. We have a patron at our branch who loves manga and every now and then, out of courtesy, I will read one of her many suggestions. December 17, [28]. I understand there are mysterious character types who have a mysterious past, etc etc, but the main guy just seemed bland or blank rather than mysterious to me. Mamoru Hijikata adalah ahli pedang buta dengan kemampuan luar biasa. The Top 10 Mature Manga. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia’s inclusion policy.

Dia terlibat konspirasi perusahaan raksasa saat menyelamatkan Haruka Toyama, gadis kecil dengan kemampuan meramal yang mereka culik. May 3, 7: September 22, [43]. Diucapkan seorang gadis umur 12 tahun pada seorang pemuda, lol. The story is promising, the art is pretty. March 25, [27]. Employing her power, This is a solid, action-driven story that feels a lot like a higher-budget sci-fi series.

Until Death Do Us Part 1 – 10 of 26 books. In this day and age, the term “prophet” is outdated.

Overall 9 Story 9 Art 9 Character 10 Enjoyment It let me down, but only slightly. June 25, [21]. January 25, [42].

Ranked Popularity Members 22, Why is This Book Backwards? Employing 11 power, This is a solid, action-driven story that feels a lot like a higher-budget sci-fi series. July 23, [25]. I like the characters, the story, and the artwork.

Hi the visitors of our website Welcome to our website, come use internet package you to useful things, for example va reading a book Download Shi futaro Futari wo Wakatsu made: Enough to read volume 2 that’s for sure June 24, [17]. October 25, [23].


The Top 10 Mature Manga Manga comes in all flavors and for all age groups. Though it may seem an odd choice, Haruka’s powers have not led her wrong.

Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made (Until Death Do Us Part) | Manga –

Paperbackpages. I didn’t care anything about Haruka even when she announces that Mamoru would be her husband. Needing a bit more ow, contact is made with their parent company, a secret and elite vigilante paramilitary group called the Element Network.

She quickly finds sanctuary with a man named Hijikata Mamoru, a blind swordsman, ex-kendoka, and convict who is proficient in the use of a katana, and desperately runs him down in the street. However, knowing what was to come, she spots a blind swordsman in the crowd and immediately recognizes him as wakatu only way out.

Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: There is practically no fan-service here, which is unusual for this genre — so much so that the author commented that he got letters complaining “Why don’t we ever see Sierra or Haruka’s panties.

Nov 21, Ally Hibbard rated it really liked it. I was instantly hooked. Jul 02, Jenna rated it it was ok Shelves: We’re about to uncover some of the best mature manga which is just right for those in their late teens.

She throws herself out of the car in the path of Mamoru, who is testing some new weapons tech. Little Haruka asks Mamoru to protect her until death parts them.

So, 3 stars saja deh biarpun pedangnya keren, tapi aku bosan juga lama-lama kalo hampir seisi buku diisi dengan gambar potongan pistol Until Death Do Us Part.


Full review to be posted as Poisoned Rationality. November 25, [33]. March 25, [35]. In a nutshell, these are wakwtsu thoughts: Apa sebenarnya maksud kata-kata Haruka?

Judulnya itu lohhh, “hingga maut memisahkan kita”, lol. IMHO, it’s literally everything you want from a story with that kind of premise, including scenes where our blind hero slices bullets with his microfiber space-age katana. Edit Synopsis The future is a great unknown. After she is taken from her family, Haruka uses her gift to seek out someone who can help her escape her captors and fixes upon a blind man making his way through the busy streets of Tokyo.

Listen to Episode 30 of ComicPop Library: Return to Book Page. I reviewed this over on my manga blog: Though it may seem an odd choice, rating 3. Retrieved November 8, November 25, [26].

Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1 by Hiroshi Takashige

L’histoire de ce manga est celle d’une jeune fille capable de lire l’avenir. Haruka is a young girl who can predict the future, an ability that naturally puts her in danger. The action is mad paced and I always enjoy a hero whom thinks outside his own limits.

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