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In the end too she does not ask Falak for forgiveness but her own self she says ker hud ko maaf karna mushkil hota hai,and she had her own journey. The drama would def be incomplete without you, so glad you decided to do this very different , challenging role. And those last 3 lines in the background were just magical. By the way, thanks for letting me know about the DD translation. Hammad Imran Abbas Naqvi , who comes from an elite family falls in love with Imaan Sadia Khan , who is a maulvi’s daughter. Later I was thinking that the sunglasses were a sign that it could be a celebrity, why else would you wear sunglasses inside? All in all I enjoyed this drama..

The show explores a woman’s plight in a conservative family setup. Thank you so much for reading and following all the reviews right from the get go. You have impressed many people with Sherezat the depth you have given to the character ,no one else could have done this role more justice. All your fault SEZ team. It is we who in effect breathe life into these inanimate objects by assigning them a whole range of meanings and memories. There is an underlying fear, an insecurity, a desperation to please, worry about losing the object of affection. The acting, direction etc.

I was jokin about the falak thing.

No room for creativity. Samira does adaptations all the time and she is not an original writer like farhat or umera. I learnt so so much from her wish I could learn how to organize my continuity clothes like her, guys thats a treat to see! Still a little confused if and how to achieve zaat. I am only talking about Momina rest did acknowledged him Momina said a line at the end.


All you mentioned are definitely my favourites.

Perhaps we need to revisit the old adage: In the valley of Unity, the hoopoe announces that although the seeker may see many beings, in reality there is only one, which is complete in its unity.

Mehr un Nissa is confused too. Durr-e-Shehwar’s Samina Peerzada daughter, Shandana Nadia Jamil has been married for almost a decade but her marriage hits a rocky patch and she decides to live at her parents’ house for some time.

N looking forward for more.

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 19 – Finale Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Cheezain bay haya nahi hoti un se jo mansoob kia jata desl wo ba-haya ya bay-haya hota hai. She ends up getting married to an older man with three kids. Ours are definitely smarter cleaner etc. Ash I always liked reading your comments throughout SEZ,almost agreed with everything you said.

Something to think about. U — Umera Ahmed V — voices, victims. The bulk of the poem then deals with the journey of the birds that takes them through the seven valleys of Quest, Love ishqUnderstanding, Independence and Detachment fanaUnity vaslWonderment hairaand finally Poverty and Nothingness baqa. Just loved the direction of the play,over all effect it had on me.

Thank you also for your very kind words — much appreciated!

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 19 – Finale Review

On the whole an excellent drama; very thought provoking and entertaining! I thought she looked lovely too, loved her outfit! Episoode friends, kuch humsafar ka pagalpan bhi tha…. I am sure you can get the word out to the producers!

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People are raving and ranting about … SeZ. Is se behtar they could have started the freaking drama… Like Like. SZ, only you can capture the essence of the unique concept of this drama in a review that is even more unique. Yeah they all mentioned Sarmad being Amazing and how no dezi could have done it better…clearly he was missed. After meeting these two gems, I seeked out OKB who was with some other unit wala boys. I just finished reading the novella and I must say, the drama truly brought out so many layers in the story — and Nani was a masterstroke… Hats off team SeZ.


Kashaf Sanam Saeed is a diligent student but has a very cynical view about life. Firstly they episofe it was dragged created a negative vibe about the play,why would some one sabotage there own play? When will people undrstand, a drama has to attract the masses. When she tells this to the rest of her family members, she is asked to not say a word as this can affect her sister’s marriage.

Wow wow wow thank you for such A Fab review! Loved reading your very detailed comment.

Like you said SZ the Falak we saw today was brilliant. Wonder who the lady love is going to be…. A journey of discovery — of oneself, those around us and the ultimate zaat which we all endeavour to dssi but few do.