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Yeah the tabinda and Falak scene was brilliantly shot, loved the expressions!!! Yet Salman is barely even attracted to her, let alone consider her as an important part of his life. Brilliant portrayal by Mikaal and his drool worthiness quotient went up by several notches in my opinion! Surely, we as audiences are mature enough to comprehend the drama playing out on our screens. And yes, it was indeed all that BUT how I wish that the sequence had been done in one go rather than turned into a jumble. Now for my version of a twist in the tale! Excellent review as usual! Falak chose religion to find her way to inner peace.

His looks coupled with his acting abilities do make him the perfect Salman Ansar. Totally made me jump and Salman also was like umm wth just happened. But he does not seem to come out of his attitude change. Another great message is to help people see beyond stereotypes. LOVE the back, the front not so much … probably need to wear it to see how that tie like thing and the pockets look on me.. But what stopped him from loving Falak as his wife the way that he should have — is still unanswered. For Falak, therefore, physical beauty is central to the way she perceives the world around her.

Do check it out. Mahira simply own Falak. She attempts to reach out to him but her mother stops her and takes her back home. Now it makes so much sense…oh and I loved her outfit in that scene. Their moments of friendship and camaraderie are honest and insightful. By the way, has the Humsafar music been playing on and off in this episode or maybe its just my ears?

Sher-e-Zaat Episode 12

Brilliant portrayal by Mikaal octobet his drool worthiness quotient went up by several notches in my opinion! Mikaal was fabulous as the asinine Salman!! And there are many irreligious people who have lived and died peacefully without hurting a fly.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Treat your fellow people right, because being rich automatically makes you insensitive. She comes home and gets into an argument with her mother and starts telling her that their materialism is madness and a disease that effects the society. I am sure there are much better looking places with mirrors, no?

Nadia Afghan was the most pleasant surprise of this episode. Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari.

Just this that when God makes an object attractive, you cannot see epiwode beyond that! You know that self-respect Hamza was talking about in the first few episodes? Now both these scenarios are possible, since there are many men in our society who are unaware of how to love a human being. KarachiThattaLahore.

There is a bizarre octobed between Tabinda and Falak as Falak decides to move back after spending time with her Nani, trying to find God and seeking meaning in spirituality.

There is also little explanation by the writer as to why Falak has found an overpowering feeling of love for D. It is so so lovely reading you again!! Mark Zuckerberg gave away millions of dollars to fight Ebola.

Shehr-E-Zaat – Episode 12 Complete (HD) On Hum TV – video dailymotion

Thanks to the earlier build-up, whether we agree or disagree with her, we know and understand how Falak feels and thinks. Nani approves but Falak gets angry. Falak shakes him off and leaves. One of them being how we treat domestic helpers. Salman wants a patch up with Falak but Falak says she feels nothing. ocgober

Sher-e-Zaat Episode 12

One of the greatest favors Mahira does to Falak is not do a weepy Falak. Javeria — haha yes i am here! This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat But there is an obvious difference between the intensity of love that Falak has for Salman and the amount of affection Salman has for Falak. Human beings are complex and the human condition and psychology is not as divided between religion and irreligion.


Sorry, but either the guy is delusional or completely misunderstands how love works. Falak, often lauded and loved for her beauty and cherished as the only daughter of a superfluously rich industrialist — has never encountered this kind of an attitude where she is treated so off-handedly. As naani had earlier said, prayers are the best remedy for any situation, but i guess having an actual tangible object in your hand seems to be more effective o a person like Falak, more of an actual sense of doing something?

I am going to enjoy both sites. True love should withstand all sorts of crisis. Shehr-e-Zaat Shehr-e-Zaat title screen.

In one scene, yells at Falak then apologizes. Falak is then seen making sculptures during an art class. Poor Falak, I think reality only set in once she faced Tabinda. Given that this really is a single track story, with no other side distractions, the fact that we remain hooked speaks volumes of the strength of the story and the ability of the story-tellers — Umera and Sarmad, and the cast and crew of Shehr-e Zaat.

It was also broadcast in India on Zindagi Channel under the same name.

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 12 Review

The toxic masculinity affects us all, and men the most. Perhaps the audience are supposed to be appreciating the mystery here, but it just ends up mystifying them.

I appreciate Sarmad experimenting. Are we simply to believe it was fate?