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I love the show and I so so glad that you came back. Thank you for all your crew and you do, I really enjoy your show and more than the clutter tips the heartfelt sweet life advice and insight. Shame on them for displaying such an ungrateful, and shameful attitute. My mom hoards fabric because of how the colors make her happy. I also wanted to remark on how you handled Sharon and her daughter — You were amazing. Which means that in a pinch I could liquidate a few items and clear my debts quickly.

I was upset cause do you know many people would have loved to have had their homes redone like that. This is a unique quality of consumer debt when compared to secured debt. Big hugs and kisses! Til then keep up the awesome work that you do to help deliver those poor souls from themselves!!!!! Ana Moody Said on July 12th, at 2: And THEN bring on all the clean and new and pretty changes.

The anger problems were as bad as being in denial and hoarding. I again apologize on behalf of Cincinnati for what you encountered with this mother and daughter. I agree with everyone who said that Clean House should have left at the first or even second sign of disrespect! I think you have a way of saying what you mean, and still maintaining who your are. Those two have some episodd problems to work out.

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This was the absolute worst one to-date. Vanessa Lampert Said on September 27th, at 7: If she were to go into another citizens home and find them living in that filth with no working kitchen or bathroom, she would be duty bound to contact social serivces- but she and her daughter have been living like that for years- frightening.


We are a proud city and saddened by the disrespect you were shown. She repeatedly denied being a shopaholic. Episode Title Queue S What I have to say will probably not be the most popular response, but I am compelled to share what I know about my disease. I survived Messiest Home 3. Thanks for a great show! I was truly stunned.

I could tell you were upset but you held it together so well… Some folks obviously need more shsron and therapy in order episoe see themselves than you could provide. Anyway, with such an addiction to shopping and hoarding she had been paying monthly rent for a storage unit for decadesI have to imagine that Sharon is also facing some substantial consumer debt. We have begun uncluttering our house and lives, motivated by watching the transformations your crew have made.

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In fact, my family and I have been watching Clean House every day on Style tv. You, and your crew are absolutly wonderful.

A police detective with a gun? BTW, the messiest house is probably back to the way it was. Please pass on to yourself, Trish, and Mark that there are many people in America that love you and your show!! I have an Aunt who is very bad at keeping everything from the time she was first married.


Tiny house school project

That was disgusting and it shows the type of spoiled, selfish, rude person she is…and then the mom walked off at the end. You are a good women.

Unfortunatly,I have my own mayhem and foolishness to deal with within my own home. Niecy on Clean House, but I first discovered your wonderful acting on Monk! Thanks, Niecy, to you and your team! Judy Said on July 3rd, at 6: They were completely ungrateful for having you all there to help them clean up their completely filthy house. Wish mine was that messy — but the only thing I need is a new bath, kitchen, carpet, windows and new landscaping.

It seems that they would have benefited with the help of psychiatrist rather than your crew busting butt and cleaning and creating a beautiful home. Deep issues for most. Best regards from Honolulu, Christine p. You are a very strong lady to even have put up with that family!!! Their attitudes were on display for their community to see.

All I can say is do not give up sometimes I feel that God uses us to cast the light on the dark shadows and be the impetis of the truth coming to youse surface.