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The upload needs to be done on wi-fi for good results. This episode of Shark Tank is another fun one, featuring a slew of kid entrepreneurs who show that there’s no age limit on inventiveness! February 10, at 5: I was told to delete app and add it again, to no avail. May 26, at 4: Because it’s the Shark Tank episode in which in the wildly successful Scrub Daddy was introduced to the sharks and to the public.

August 1, at 3: First up to the tank was Thomas Hill, an ex-NFL football player from Arizona with a business aimed to fight childhood obesity. Avoid groovebook at all costs. Mark and Kevin then step away from their seats and discuss terms on working together. Thomas explains that the classes are 60 minutes long, and that the courses could be set up in a variety of areas such as schools, playgrounds, and carnivals. Today Kisstixx is available in 30 countries and on QVC. The Whiteman team notes that users often snap away pictures on their phones and never see those photos again.

I am a long term Shutterfly customer, and had already joined Groovebook before they were bought out. Very frustrated and not happy with service.

‘Shark Tank’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 13 (First aired on 1/10/14) –

Get them in your inbox! This episode features a number of great inventions, like Boo Boo Goo, the paint-on band-aid, iReTron, which helps you trade in used electronics, and Henrey’s Humdingers, a business selling spiced honey.

shar, Because it’s the Shark Tank episode in which in the wildly successful Scrub Daddy was introduced to the sharks and to the public. It is a great concept.

The Sharks ask about his sales, and his response draws some laughs: Avoid groovebook at all costs. Their product was featured in 32 stores before the show, and is now in over stores nationwide. He wants to license the technology to a global company with distribution and manufacturing.


Brian and Julie accept their deal, and will now work with Kevin and Mark to grow their business. Isakow from Washington D. Best of all its shipped for free to my house in a cute little book with dates and times printed at a perforated edge incase you want to take any out to put someplace else. Aaron Krause delivers an enthusiastic pitch demonstrating how his lemony smiling sponge can scrub away any dish residue through its superior material and impressive durability.

Lori Greiner says the idea is clever, but would like to see a more solid business model before she would invest. Humble farmer Johnny Georges captured the hearts of Americans when he went on Shark Tank with his Tree-T-Pee, a water containment system for agricultural farming. Tseng ends up launching a bidding war between the sharks, spending a record-breaking two hours on the Shark Tank set negotiating with investors.

He starts his pitch by explaining that Americans are being watched and that hackers can take over your webcams and watch you. September 24, at 1: Simply a clear adhesive disk is applied over the hole, and an adhesive patch with a special compound goes over the disk and wala! This site uses Akismet to episose spam. One tak the most random Shark Tank episodes is in season 4, episode 8, when Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guystops by sgark tank to help a pal out.

After making Jim sweat it shaek, Robert eventually agrees to his original terms and they have a deal.


Georges emphasizes that he wants all farmers to be able to afford his product, saying, “it’s not about the money to me. Mark and Kevin then step away from their seats and discuss terms on working together.

The Sharks are delighted to hear that Groovebook has recruited 18, paid subscribers in last 8 months. They are projected to make a whopping million dollars within the next year.

It’s the biggest deal in Shark Tank history!

Shark Tank S05 E13 Bounce Boot Camp Wall Rx Eyebloc GrooveBook

So why sharrk they give you money back for failing to use the service. This episode also features another standout pitch from Michael Tseng, who introduces his Plate Topper to the sharks. They had so much success, they are scheduled to appear in an update segment in episode They have an absolute ball, smiling from ear-to-ear after completing the course. Groove Book Photo Book App.


However, when Thomas announces that his total sales in 16 months are a meager 43K, investors begin to worry. In season 3, Rick Hopper introduces ReadeRest, a product composed of a magnetic clip which safely secures a user’s glasses to their clothing. November 10, at 8: A second update is scheduled for episode in season six.

Do you have any favorite episodes you want to throw into the pile? Every time I want to use another album it totally shuts down.