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To have a healthy baby. Because I have learned not to shut up and take things. My teeny, tiny mother 5’3″, gave birth to my 8 11oz brother naturally with no complications. Going from 7 drinks a week to drinks a week is adding thousands of calories each week. No one should marry a man who has children without making a vow to protect those children in every way possible. Usually craft beer- which are horrible in terms of calories unfortunately. I did everything I could to have a vag birth but wound up with an emergency-C after over 50 hours in hard labor including an hour and a half of pushing. Desirecap is your source of hindi channels.

I’m sure she made other plans. I forget if you’re married. The other 5’6″, normal build had a vaginal birth and had a 3rd degree tear doc didn’t do episiotomy ; she couldn’t walk normally for over a month. My dd’s friend is going to Berklee for voice, she’s very excited: This post is so awful I don’t even know where to begin. I love him back.

Guessing you were unable to say it back because your mouth was occupied. Any advice or suggestions? Newest Topics Most Recent Replies.

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Pain meds help and everything remains “normal” down there [ Reply More. Sorry, party at friends. He was like, what do you want me to do. Sometimes more on the weekend. There are a few people who say it wasn’t a big deal, shahhs honestly it is much more difficult to have a C.


After it gets better and better. After 2 I probably could have jogged. My father was property manager or whatever it is called of the things I owned while I was a minor. Why is it better for baby?

My agency just filled a job this morning. This is going to be very hard. West elm, ikea [ Reply More. This post is so awful I don’t even know where to begin. Three kids and a happy marriage later! I recovered really well both times.

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Synset it happen at the usual spot in the stairwell? Mixed emotions about his going that route, but proud and happy all the same! Of course there are good and bad as there are good and bad moms but I feel we hear A LOT about the bad ones on here, and not so much about the kind, well-meaning ones. I married my coworker. DB 1’s eyes changed from blue right around the 1st birthday, they are hazel tubeplhs.

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To Watch Full Episode click here – zeetv. Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. If DH ever showed me his hand, it would be the straightjacket for him for a few hours of attitude adjustment. I said some for a reason. He is pretty damn psyched. I’m sad that you didn’t win your case. You can get a futon or sofa bed and do that until you get more money for a 2 BR or meet eppisode new partner to move in with etc.


Because you assume all step moms are bitches. Some people really can’t have one or two drinks without spiraling back into a pattern of excess, but it doesn’t sound like you’re one of them.

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Don’t be an idiot, OP. First morning after is painful.

That is one reason why the OR’s post makes no sense. Gradually changed from blue to hazel at about 2 yrs old.

Any UB moms with canceled plans want to join??? With a newborn I would get a 1 BR to save money. I think you need to, unless you are lucky to hear about something through word-of-mouth.

Or fudge, and say cover over on NYE, then she figured out she was the sitter, not company. Why set yourself up for failure? It should never be “us vs. But it’s no longer this morning. DD is in at Vanderbilt!

And I do better saying I will eat a specific amt of calories rather than saying “be healthier with food”. That’s a super accomplishment. Go to a gym for fat people. Nothing but he seems to prefer sex or some handling instead.