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Sol is meant to get in the opponent’s face and beat them to death, while being mostly ineffective at long ranges. Anyone who didn’t hadn’t unlocked them yet. Pay people in-game loot to run you through the game, sitting by and absorbing all the experience so you can level up as fast as possible. Worse yet are the servers that only play one part of Dustbowl. Glass Cannon Warrior builds – the idea is to use all your trait points and all your gear slots toward increasing damage to the exclusion of all else. It remains to be seen whether Battlefield will completely overtake Final Destination because of this.

People had initially nicknamed the game “Sentinel vs. Arcade Stage 8 Infinity mostly averts this, but the 2-door AE86 is still pretty common in online play. Perhaps the most infamous was the Ursanway, where six players would use the exact same skillset with two healers keeping them alive. Since quite some time Beam Arrays fall under this, even for escorts which still might prefer Dual-Beams with less angle for more precise fire strikes. This video is a good demonstration of what it was capable of. It’s basically a handheld IFV cannon. Halo 2 multiplayer had less of this arguably because players were unable to pick the specific gametype they wanted to play in matchmaking, as there were no public server browsers and the inability to vote for a new choice in map or gametype.

This has thankfully gotten much better after Burning Crusade where specs were made more viable and gear made available for PvP classes, also to stop the issue of how DPS classes got their PvP Gear.

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Most people playing Tekken 3 for the first time either went for Jin he’s on the box or Yoshimitsu he has a sword. By running Blackwing Lair. Gods Among Us might as well be called “Injustice: Forza 4 reverses this and makes rear wheel drive dominate, leading to players converting all their cars when possible to rear-wheel-drive; the rear-wheel-drive converted Honda Civic dominates C-class, with the Honda NSX dominating B through A class.

Your Lightbringer and Sunspear titles aren’t maxed out? Same for the campaigns, in both the first and second game. The players get very tetchy when you try to use something other than an SMG or sniper.

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A patch for the game saw developers leave their jobs, and in some cases, the entire industry. Undedground becomes so commonplace, a “counter-intuitive” strategy is forming: In terms of Ship builds them selves, for Level 50 and beyond Escorts, the most popular build and strategy is to stick as many Dual Heavy Cannons in the front, possibly with one slot left undergrohnd for a Torpedo Pasageand preferably as many Degree firing arc weapons in the back as possible, primarily turrets, or a few crafting specific and Reputation weapons, then trying to ensure your Weapon power levels stay as high as possible.

Speed running dungeons is a highly popular tactic; the tank pulls several clusters of enemies in a row while the DPS players spam their AOE abilities to whittle down the clusterfuck all at once.


Nearly every healer will have the Swiftcast spell gained from leveling Thamaturge to 26an ability that lets the user cast their next spell with zero charge time. Multiplayer-only game Shattered Horizon originally enforced this by including only one weapon to focus the game more around player skill.

Friendship Is Magic – and Neptunia -themed reskins for melee weapons. However this comes at a cost that nearly reaches game breaking territory and that is Originally, Realism VS was a Mutation mode but had gotten enough popularity to warrant it as permament game mode. It should be noted that some anti-meta strategies exist solely to exploit what the enemy is expected to do.

Mechwarrior Living Legends sought to passaage the Medium Laser by making it weigh twice as much, putting it closer to its ballistic counterpart.

When you beat one, you play the same five acts and their quests again. There are about half a dozen “standard” vehicle configurations that have been in use for about the last ten years and deviations undergrround pretty uncommon.

Considering that a properly set up ship, or team working together can chew through shields easily, Tetryon is Overshadowed by Awesome. Tetryon weapons have a chance to inflict bonus damage to shields. In Quakeworld duels, you would be hard-pressed to see anything less than the grenade launcher used as lassage other than a last resort.

There are ranged weapons and Force shadowfflare in the game, but one could be forgiven for thinking they’re only in the singleplayer mode, given that at best a server will only allow the use of first-level Jump and maybe Speed to make epiosde a bit easier. The Gorgon is an LMG which has an extremely slow rate of fire, but is so powerful that it can kill in 2 shots, guaranteed. The PC port of Halo: As well, the patch only split the amp damage evenly between shotgun pellets.

Many threads on reddit also sprang up complaining about how “cheap” Cloud is in For Glory or just in general. The only sniper rifles ever used are the Springfield and the PTRS, since they’re the only ones dpisode don’t require grinding out kills to unlock their scopes. Sol is meant to get in the opponent’s face and beat them to death, while being mostly ineffective at long ranges.

Despite patching to nerf the exploits, players will still find a spot where zombies suddenly can’t reach you or stop trying to find you because you’re considered off the map. While other weapons may be fancier and deal more damage if fired right, the rocket launcher is fast, simple, can be fired rapidly and deals a lot of damagehelping it remain viable even once it’s been fully upgraded.

Regardless, expect to get yelled at for picking the wrong one. The other characters on bikes, like Ryo Hazuki and Alex Kiddaren’t too far behind him. In practice, everyone carried the exact same loadout – a heavy assault gun minigun, shotgun, or a energy cannon depending on the player’s empirea rocket launcher, medapp, BANK armor-repair tooland maybe a couple grenades or a REK hacking tool.


The always-online Need for Speed game has a stat that tracks a player’s favorite car, essentially the car used most often by the player.

Everybody and their brother used the Honda Integra Type R DC2 and selected Irohazaka for every single multiplayer match, mostly because the DC2 was a Game-Breaker that wouldn’t slow down nearly as much as other cars from hitting walls and guardrails, and Irohazaka was a narrow zig-zagging series of hairpins, which gave a huge advantage to the DC2. Partially due to his immense umderground and heavily to shadwoflare with his versatility, AP-Gain and general ease-of-use, it’s not uncommon online to see at least several of them in a standard free-for-all match.

A lot of people use a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold. You know, the guns you weren’t using anyway.

Racing Soft tires in Gran Turismo 5 and 6 are considered a must if one wants to win open lobby races, since it is the most grippiest tire level in the game. The AN is very popular, due to the fact that it does the highest undergrounc out of all the assault rifles and fires an accurate 2-shot burst.

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Then it was discovered that the Ninjitsu spell Utsusemi was very useful for avoiding most attacks altogether, thanks to it creating shadow images which take hits for you and that with its higher tier upgrades, means one can keep it up almost constantly. Post-patch pistol changes mean sjadowflare best players will use one of three sidearms: If you play the multiplayer expect to be stunned then quickly headshotted many times.

It remains to be seen whether Battlefield will completely overtake Shadowdlare Destination because of this. Go to pretty much one specific zone in the entire world and fight or, rather, wait in line with dozens of other groups for the extremely limited number of enemy camps that can sustain constant combat for a group of players.

Starsiege is all about this trope these days, stubborn little game that it is for still being around. Among all but the very most elite, “Brass Cannon” builds that add Knight ‘s or Celestial gear and maybe a few points in the Defense line to greatly boost survivability with only a small decrease in damage output are more popular and far more effective.

Subsequent updates have buffed the combo again, but it’s now only useful as a finishing blow rather than just taking out most of the enemy’s health. Ultimate adds the option to play every stage as a Battlefield clone in addition to Omega mode, so competitive players have more options.