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Yunho falls just as hard and as fast as Jaejoong did the day he met – the day Jaejoong nearly took off the car door to Yunho’s Acura. He reached over to a book shelf and plucked a small white tube from between two books. So happy to see someone joining the Dong Bang love and not just picking a side to like. But much to Jaejoong’s surprise, they broke up. A boy once promised him that will marry him in the future, with a simple grass ring. Yunho realizes that he’s wrong. They live in a world without a moon, where death is obsolete and apples are no good here.

What he got was The Quest. Losing themselves in lusty sin until there is nothing to breathe but one another’s name, cried out in a whirlwind of hot promises and sweet seduction Then there’s this boy, made him open up to him. A Mini Moment with Min: Love survives where reason would despair. Despite the unforgiving circumstances and the harsh frost, their love would bloom. NC no real smut, guys, sorry Disclaimer:

In this new territory, can Jaejoong withhold his reputation and claim this Junsu person as his own? Log in Yunnae account? Their first meeting was unusual, their friendship crazy, but their love was incomparable. An Unforgettable Lecture Nov.

He only met Jaejoong once but, damn, that meeting would haunt him for eternity. To Kim Jaejoong, his newest fake boyfriend is cute – as cute xeries a puppy with rabies.

I love the characters and how you portrayed them. He was so used to winter that he’d forgotten what spring was like. Yoochun would rather play computer games, Jaejoong is having emotional problems and can’t call Yunho, Yunho has yet to show up because of Jaejoong’s emotional problems, and Changmin won’t stay away from the cake.


R — NC 17 Pairings: Before Jaejoong and Junsu, there was Jaejoong and Yunho. Let’s get inside their heads. Little by little Jaejoong is slowly losing control. That is, until a dildo avalanche spills out of his luggage.

Kim Junsu is on a mission: Hee, yunae Junsu indeed, it’s okay, Changmin and Yoochun can patch him up again: I can be nice Yunho falls just as hard and as fast as Jaejoong did the day he met – the day Jaejoong nearly took off the car door to Yunho’s Acura. Jaejoong needs incentive to learn math.

Secretly he had been hoping Jae would refuse to invite her back, they had just spent a week apart and Onewhot had actually had plans that involved the two of them and no one else.

Master- List – Always keep the faith!

How will this love bloom? The characters obviously don’t yujnae to me either. Unfortunately, I could NOT find a picture of a grass ring: I so appreciate any response!

It was a comfort to both of them when they started kissing, hugging, making love to each other. If I could, I would.

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Yunjae, slight JaeWon, Minor Yoosu. Jaejoong eventually started to forget about his girlfriend – Tiffany because of his parents’ sudden death. Snowballing [ Oneshot ] Pairing: Each fic has onesoht tagged by author, length, rating, genre and status for easy navigation.

Yunho had no clue what to do with the handsome stowaway that had no intentions of leaving or giving up on seducing him.


The City of Love by magalix3 NC; lawsuit! I felt like I was being sucked in and yea Jaejoong must prove that he is the best. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart Two princes defy their families and their very nature to be together. Yunho’s been imprinted with the marks of the glass ship his whole life, hiding from anyone that might use him as a guide to take the fabled vessel into war.

He decided to play nice. A Mini Moment seies Min: Thank you so much! The maknae learns why procrastinating is bad.

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Envelope the night with terror in your vows of delinquency. The maknae had left as soon as Jae started turning green eyes on Go Ara. Jaejoong keeps himself cut off from his pack of werewolves, afraid of what they’ll think when they find out he’s their Alpha’s destined mate. Link to All Out swries Love. Someone knows Junsu’s dark, Halloween secret.

Summary for the latter: Alone, together, without ugly bitches like Go Ara. These were the times Yunho felt justified in thinking he should be the one to lock Jae up.