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And now what time already seh. We were kind of racing back and forth. Posted by Nureen at Keluar daripada badan dier,keluar! Yg part ending dye mati sbb cancer tu. Posted by Nureen at 9: C sad tau tau tau.

Tak pernah terlepas satu episode pun. Guess who I saw today?! Yang penting Samarinda every Ramadhan mesti best! Posted by Nureen at 4: D I laughed alot today,you know? I got bored of studying. Tuesday, September 30,

Syurgamu ramadhan fav drama ramadhan. Khaiqal said,’I have a headache. Kita pergi situ ah,aku nak Haa haa haa kat dier. Thursday, September 11, Rasanya still ada lg simpan I want to go geylang on Sunday.

But quite a few weren’t free. Then,we went to geylang! D I laughed alot today,you know? I see Elly Suriati and I retweet But of course I did.

big things come in small packages: September

Syurgamu Ramadhan will always be my favourite. Funny but coolio right? Aku tau kau bukan Nurin Masroni. Hola mola fola sola yola jola pola rola cola! I want to go geylang tomorrow. And then half qaweh class suddenly sang Fall For You. Showing sample heatmap data. Syurgamu Ramadhan paking win sedih namampos.


Went out on Sunday with the malay class to break fast. And I want to go there again. Syurgamu ramadhan tu fav aku wehh.

Up till now,I don’t know why I still went. During maths today,the malay boys complained that they were very tired and Mr.

drama seputeh qaseh ramadhan

In the class,almost everyone was laughing at either something or someone or whatever but my point is that everyone was happy. But please,it ain’t pretty to be such a narcissist.

Then I finally got my siput sedut! Sebab cerita nilah aku nampak muka dia memang jahat sampai sekarang.

Diary ramadhan rafique lah paling best. Everything went awesome except for the waking up part. Yang Eja berlakon tu, best nak mampus. It’s utterly disgusting and I’m utterly disgusted by you. I’m not a morning person you see. Yang penting Samarinda every Ramadhan mesti best!

Obviously,I watched Jeritan Sepi just now.

And yes yay we’re performing. Then went home,bathed for as long as I want. Wednesday, September 17, Dulu masa sekolah tengok dekat dewan makan masa sahur. I’m left with one whole essay and one evaluation left. Oh and next week’s episode is the last episode. Mana Diari Ramadhan Rafique?!!! Meleleh leleh ayaq mata. It was the last. Be it for nothing or not. I love seeing the little kids sing ah sehhhhh.


Our trial allows access to only the 8 hour timeframe for this page. Even my mother said that I don’t have to go to school.

Ade lagi satu yang Eja dengan ifa raziah berlakon tapi tak ingat tajuk dia.

Azan magriblah paling favourite masa ramadhan ni. Nothing seems to be a bother but them.

Syurgamu Ramadhan serius terbaik. Anyway today,I had a very funny morning.