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I feel like we’re getting into the drag before the drama ends. I love the show, but since early episodes I was thinking that the angst will involve some situation where Noble Idiots can appear. Every where he goes he sparkles! Oska, not reading between the lines, replies that of course he does. If you watch Joowon’s mother, Mrs. Totally with you on the elevator scene. He hugs her and promises to make it so that she can audition, and she looks up at him like a little girl, wondering if such a miracle could happen. Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast.

Tae Sun Comes Out of the Closet Lee Jong Suk Main Cast. Or maybe I just really love Yoon Sang-hyun, lol. Oska smiles, surprised that she noticed, since everyone else always thinks that he gets run over by Joo-won instead. Melodrama, fantasy, romance Episodes: I have never seen him before in KDs. And there begins the drama: It’s all very circle of life or something.

Joo Won I’m not so sure about though, it would be against type – this might be the point where the plot inverses the trope and actually takes advantage of the fact that he steamrollers over everything until he get what he wants.

I have a bad suspicion about JW’s trauma if it’s something so bad that he had to repress. Hi i was wondering, are the videos subbed and originally uploaded by just one team? A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. Yes, it’s extremely sad that any person who chooses to be a public servant that would need to take the risk of sacrificing his or her own life at times in order to save others.


So, it was when Ra-Im’s dad died and Joo-Won had his accident. Thanks so much for the recap, normally I get along pretty well even though my Korean is pretty mediocre but the grave site scene really threw me. Does she have one? He’d get himself some customised camouflage gear, hand-stitched by Irish artisans of course! I was very surprised when Joo-won mom knelt.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Hope you didn’t think Joo-Won was a murderer when he’s in the accident?! At least I can easily hear what he says without substitles. Episode 4 by Regals.

It’s why I watch James Bond. Tae Sun Gives Oska Sass: Freedom January 3, at 1: He adds that when he was trapped in that elevator which is news to Oska he remembered something. Please enter the character as shown in the image above.

secret garden with english subtitles episode 15 part 1/2

People develop Alzheimer’s overnight and quickly drop dead, or have a sudden bout of cancer that always knocks them off on the surgeon’s table. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page.

The one that Oska made to cry? As for JW’s mom, I think that her class snobbery had now taken a back seat to some confused and misguided fear that finding out about Raim’s dad will cause lasting harm to JW.

Kang Chan Yang Supporting Cast. Angry, he asks what the wpdrama she was doing in the elevator. I like this drama overall.

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Thanks for the recap! And why is he in that old lady’s body? Is the story itself any good? And not because she do it in the name of love or whatever, only because see it from her, it will be cool.


She could secget, at least, eodrama him back tighter, or hold his head, etc. The second leads are just as cool and I dont hate the second lead girl. I think she will more likely feel conflicted because to Joo-won the incident where her dad died saving him was a memory so traumatic, he had repressed it in order to survive. He really impressed me with his elevator scene. Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. She may have wanted to check in what state he is, to not let him lose consciousness and then she freaked out.

Why is it 13 years ago? Super great actor and above the call in this role. Akem January 3, at 5: MegiPL I think episoed behaviour can be explained. Delivery is impeccable be it his conversation or expression, rapid bullet-firing repartee, or comedic timing.

I find it cute when other people do it and find it embarrassing when I think abt myself doing it.