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When a road is blocked, you normally search for an alternate route instead of forcing your way through. Fully agree with your assessment of Ep 1. Nothing in that scene had anything to do with real rape, I really question all the people claiming they know about real rape. Because sizzling chemistry or not Have you ever thought of the good side of it, I don’t believe they encourage it you people just think to much of it. Sean December 27, at 5:

I know he’s just trying to be sweet in his own way! There is a contradiction in Ra-im’s character: I really liked much of this episode, but when you stop to think of what really went down in the big conflict scenes, it seems like the answer is, not much. Having watched it for myself with subs! I ll take sparkly tracksuits and boxers any day but that party outfit had me all kinds of ‘Whhhaaaat’. So for Joo-won to lack that quality is pretty significant when I place him in the context of real life.

He has the gall to call her out for having her mind in the gutter.

But then I could see that he wasn’t going to do anything other than hug her, and she stopped protesting because she actually didn’t mind I found the forced kiss WAY more offensive. Or did he really plan for them to fall in love? The fact that she is able to shrug him off is not a minor detail, nor is the fact that he knows it.


Nothing in that scene had anything to do with real rape, I really question all the people claiming they know about real rape. Like you I will not try to change your opinion or anyones, because at this points I belive gardeh is pointless because no matter what anyone say you won’t make me change my mind and I won’t change your, and I don’t think there is nothing wrong with that.


He asks what she did with Oska that other night, and she answers that she went to eat pork skins with him. Gummie December 27, at 5: Yeah, glad to know I wasn’t the only adult out here muttering “no means no.

First Impressions of Secret Garden Episode 1

It’s funny that some of the same people who cry rape are the same ones who bitterly complain about the lukewarm sexual tensions in shows and drama. The bed scene, on the garfen hand, comes at a point in the plot where it is as far from sexual harassment as anything I have seen. Brenda December 27, at 5: But rape isn’t the only way to violate someone physically or sexually. I see you are still mulling over the ep 13 bed scene. For me, personally, when I like someone even if he’s outright saying he likes me, I’ll try to push it off.

He talks as though Jong-soo has returned, which draws Ra-im outside, at which epieode he pushes his way into the room. Was gatden because he was dead? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Skip to primary content.

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December 28, at 6: Ra-im’s father might have saved Joo-won’s life but died protecting him from the accident that Jong-soo talked about.

I like every single scene,including the bed scene, maybe it is just me dramacrwzy a little unrealistic but I see it as him being desperate trying to be with the girl he loves, besides hugging her tightly he did not take advantage of episove weak moment when they were staring at each other,instead he controled himself and we could see he was suffering doing it. Mars December 27, at She could have slapped Joo Won and yelled at him.


December 27, at 3: I still love this drama even if it was a bit slow the past few weeks. Joo-wonda notes the tactic that Mom will inevitably employ: I see him more like a little kid, just intent on getting his latest favorite toy.

I’m not sure I buy that. Thanks for the recap!!! I don’t understand what is the purpose of last 4 paragraphs in the comment section, it almost feel like GF thinks we need to be educated on sexual harrasment. It’s a stain on the show. But she did realize her mistakes in later episodes and became a good friend of Joo Won and Ra Im, so I ended up liking her.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I love the fact that the discussion has started, but I also love to discuss the Show.

Is the Little Mermaid all that I can ever be? There was no trauma in that scene, no crying or conflict on her part after that wrestling match.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I agree with Lola 11, that type of relationship would not work for me, but I have seen it in real life. Omg, I totally love her lately.