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Gah I can not stand her. OMG, this was such a typical gender reversal moment here. Oska, not reading between the lines, replies that of course he does. RI has already held her emotions and feelings for JW. Since Oska won, he teases that Ra-im is his now, which leads them to play-flirt about getting married. After all the Brooding, that is.

I feel like Ra Im here You’ll have to stick to sites like Viki and dramafever in order to watch it. You are beautiful, just the way you are. I know he was in pain, depressed, but after that, they could start to help him. I know that the storytelling is subpar at best , the execution even much so…I cringed every time they have such abrupt cuts, random asides, and ill-timed music…I cringed at the all too convenient plot devices and what seemed like a cacophony of foreign languages…I cringed at the set design, etc. Seul watches from afar, happy to see him clear his name. It’s really sad that Ra-Im never knew her mom and her dad died. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

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It’s meant to be LOVE! If using novels as comparison, some novels are highly appreciated by a certain group of people, while others will smirk seeing someone holding that novel.

I thought it was a pretty cute song. Back in their own bodies, Joo-won collapses in the elevator, gasping for breath. At least I can.

This is only Wednesday, arkkkkk. I can’t understand a word of Korean and yet I love watching her in RAWs, she really uses her eyes and face. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house, where a strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. As much as I enjoyed reading your thoughts and picking your brains so to speak, the other attraction that always lead me in your camp is the intellect and calm of the bloggers.


Anyone notice that the fake hubby carries the marriage contract around in his pocket…. Now, apologising yet still wanting a breakup, I’m starting to realise how awesome SG is in that even its side characters are brilliant.

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January 10, at 2: Thanks for the speedy recap. August 9, at 5: Or she’ll rush off to do something else until she seriously can’t remember the events of us asking her about it. Well Semi good news is that Ep 11 is the new writers. I like how you think!!! Ah JW is so crazy She wants him to epdramaa her alone?

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You can find current drama airtimes and airdates as well as upcoming releases with links to the drama info. They look at each other adorably, but Ah Jung gets nervous and rushes back to her room. After all the Brooding, that is.

I really appreciate how hard AJ works at her job and how KJ is helping her. To this day, I dont Joo-wons mom name, all I can call her is….

Your article is unbalance. I had to cut this drama loose after epi 12, but will continue with the recaps as you ladies rock! He approaches again and reaches for the handle, and she zooms off again, halting a few more feet away. I get the feeling that Ra-Im had probably dated but was never in a real relationship.

R January 5, at 2: But I’d be pissed!! They get uneasy just in the presence of the other and then!!

Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk the members out to their car and make an appointment to meet tomorrow. Thats to transport us into a fluffy paradise of dreamy heart-palpitating romances where smoochy kisses abound amidst episodw but oooh-so-delicious love gestures ,WITHOUT killing any leads off or worse,give us the anti-climax of not ending up together!


I echo the same views, both are so capable to the outside world, succeeding in the professional lives, but still new to love. Of course it is, but the former aspires not to be grand literary narrative and is merely an entertainment bodice ripper meant to appeal to the inner wench in me.

He asks what happened with the audition, and Joo-won sets him straight about it being him back in his own body for which he gets a long-awaited punch in the face, heh and that he intends on getting Ra-im another shot at Dark Blood. The heart knows garven the heart wants? But you will also know he secdet it when he says he loves you and that he can’t stop thinking abt you.

I epdramaa whoever that was who wrote it wont mind my borrowing from her, improvise a bit and share with all the LTM fans at the playground. Lee Jong Suk Main Cast. Janny December 20, at Not because of its plot, its characters yes, especially you annoying Seulbut rather the hot, boiling chemistry epdama the mains that make me feel like I’m melting in front of the computer screen, as we anticipate the explosion of romance between them!

Ah Jung follows Ki Joon and the guests as they play golf. Harden saw it coming in this episode, yes.