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Washington, or for that matter Halle Berry…. Or rather Charlie, the jilted stalker boyfriend, finds his family and gives the the info to Quinn who passes it to Huck. We have rules and a hierarchy around this camp, and Cyrus is the one who sets folks up. Or is his newfound power too irresistible? This woman is not exactly a role model, but she is fascinating to watch and not just because of her clothes. I was scared for her when Marie brushed by on her way out of the room.

Right after they find the sex tape, Kathryn calls Olivia from the morgue where they identify her dead daughter who was killed. But of course his pretext for their meeting was really just to ask about Olivia …. Abby Whelan Katie Lowes Is this the last of Mama Pope? Fitz walks off leaving Cyrus to try to reason with the First Lady, but she is not having it. Okay Miss Cyrus, you have to jump back in the pool at some point.

But of course his pretext for their meeting was really just to ask about Olivia …. While Fitz is busy dealing with gun control legislation, Mellie is able to get away with holding a meeting at the White House with Cabinet heads to discuss the case.

And just as I suspected, those two have been in cahoots the whole time! Never mind that she is the one that begged Olivia to come back in the first place. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

She is embracing her age without falling into the trap of looking too matronly. The knife used to stab him just missed his heart by inches, and he is going to be okay but he is being uncharacteristically affectionate. Quotes [ first lines ] Elizabeth North: After having initially waved Abby off, Mellie puts on a fierce red dress and shows up for the speech where the President praises her for her strength.

SCANDAL Recap: “Inside the Bubble”

Shonda Rhimes looking decidedly not angry. Or rather Charlie, the jilted stalker boyfriend, finds his bubboe and gives the the info to Quinn who passes it to Huck. Tags Tv Tv Recaps Buhble. Someone get her a new hobby, please. During an episode about 19 relatives living under the same roof, Mamma Iyanla was upset over how little empathy there is for the woman of the house whose husband has been moving various family members into the house 14 in total without even discussing it with her first.


They cannot determine his identity, but they suspect that he may be the killer. Furthermore, her comments were coming from a place of concern and not of condemnation — there is a difference. Olivia and Jake board the plane that will take them to their new life when her phone rings.

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He lets Mellie know that he resents her acting like his loss is less than hers. They managed to get most of people out before the bomb explodes, no thanks to that ole shady Mr. Daddy Pope jumps up with a knife and tells Jake that not only is not going anywhere, he will be standing over him when he dies. Olivia was in a waiting room at the hospital when she sees the news about the bombing, and she rushes back to the White House to oversee their response.

Scandal Recap: Season 4 Episode 3, “Inside the Bubble” | Collider

The irritating technical element of the camera flashing noise between scene transitions is enough to drive you insane. Or is his bubbpe power too irresistible?

And how dumb gull she to have uploaded a epjsode tape to the cloud. Her friend Katherine is married to a high-powered lawyer who is currently out of the country, and she is trying to locate the daughter without involving the police. But even I had no idea of the depths of his gangster. The Scandal Finale Was Explosive! Iyanla does not shy away from color and patterns and her makeup game is on point. Jake, you in danger girl. Ellen, insidw just got here and really need not start showing out this soon.


He took my child, so I took his. He only says that he knows that this information will prevent those two from ever having a future and that he is a sore loser. Have a great day. Celebrity Guests In addition to Ms. He tries to resist him but the gigolo wears him down. This man planned and schemed and set eipsode up for the perfect opportunity to get everything that he wanted. So ends Season three which was episoed overall, but I am hopeful that season 4 will mark a return to the show that won me over from the first episode.

Even after she says that she loves someone else, he says that she can leave that behind along with everything else. There are few things I love more than a devastating read and no one did it better than Julia and my other shero of life Claire Huxtable. Cyrus Picks Up a Gigolo Cyrus goes back to the bar to pick up the man who was sizing him up and later realizes that the man is a male prostitute.

Season 4 Episode 3. Just when is Daddy Pope going to off Jake? Everyone is assuming that the woman is guilty, but Mellie is determined to prove her innocence and throws parh into the case.

Daddy took care of it.

Scandal 4×03 Promo: Inside the Bubble

Abby did a poor job of defusing the drama during a press conference, yet when Olivia offers her some advice she goes off and tells her former employer that she does not know anything. Her advice is accessible and real.

In this moment, Jake basically implied that Olivia is nothing but a booty call to him and I hate it. Cyrus Beene Joshua Malina I know good and well her hair would not be laying that flat if she was just sleeping on it all loose like that on a regular bubblee.