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I won’t count Tokyo Ghoul since that started last season. Felt no connection to that sl00t. GJDM Negged so fukin hard. Emi, Suzuno – Mayo Chiki: Alicia, Akari – Amagami SS: Obligatory Anime of the Year post http:

Is it normal to cry at the end of an amine. The 2 small fans below you see in my FB post is blowing air UP since above them are 2xmm fans blowing air out out for exhaust. Hina and Miu – Pet Girl of Sakurasao: Loved the ending of Ookami Shoujo I’ve learned my lesson: Kinda awkward for her. There was one made in and another recently? I’m on the black skin layout and it looks exactly the same, except with my avi from 3 years ago.

Ichka, Mio – Asu no Yoichi: I must be blind or howsmyclutch is a phaggot. Also, strong embarrassment that the best player in the game is some teen girl who can’t even walk IRL. Lol at the door shutting gif.

I hate anime that is incomplete. Das not it mane.

Mars ranking 1 is a fuking beast new types of roaches too so there’s always a new challenge. Da fuq Aw fuk bye Thanks brah, you done me proud.


Animeutima to trailer brah? And damn rawpenis, that cable management coment irks me. Yo dafuq is up with this new layout? Not my exact tower but same model.

#anilinkz medias

Sometimes the picture that shows up on the video contains spoilers and dad not it mane. Fuking amazing and that ending farkkkk http: Where have I been animefreak, animeultima, etc.

Tfw I’m the odd one out in the collage cuz I’m an eye: Damn, would adopt that older sister of his though she was a middle schooler in that flashback. I read up on his fate, no homo.

I thought WA2 was pretty dam good though, apart from the ending. Dat fuarking Arc tho. Nagisa may be in the Collage, still need her first page solo http: I marathon’d Parasyte today, can’t wait for more eps to start coming out.

In on page 1 hnnngh http: New chapter is out. Fate Stay just doesn’t seem to have the content that Zero had. All Girls – Angel Beats: Chitanda will be on top of the pyramid one day I promise. I don’t even know how this stuff works so I sound like a retard asking this question. It starts off slow animeuultima, I had it dropped twice. I sort of see your point, I enjoy reading it more when I have it too rather then online but since it’s cheaper I usually do and then buy 1 volume later to support the creators.


I have this weakness for online reading. Which is correct, he did changed but also died a broken man. Episode three of this anime. What chapter does the kingdom anime end off at.

Watch Anime – Anime Ultima

Man, was searching for a gif and came across this. Also dafuq at that NarutoXSasuke ish on 1st page. And Kirito is surprisingly alpha overall.

I’m aware of what happens, doesn’t matter By far the strangest thread on the entire site. His younger brother’s moans were music to his ears, noticing that Naruto was close to coming, grabbed his member jerking it off in time with his thrusts.

D I like the name http: