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Saras touches the blood coming out from his mouth and gets up. Sunny says we will find him only by Kumud. Home Dramas star plus Saraswatichandra. Budhidhan says because NaveenChandra is not her husband. Pramad says what a breeze, I wish Kalika……… He says I wish someone was with me, it would have been fun. Kalika says your sister came here for the first time and Pramad created a nuisance. Tell me who was Saraswatichandra.

Pramad talks with Kumud, and asks her not to do drama infront ot him. Budhidhan says we will see. Kalika taunts Kumud saying maybe you left something behind and shows her a Kamarbandh. She tries to talk to him and flirts with him. Pramad enters and says no need. Well, the show has completed successful. Pramad says I would have asked Solanki, but he was too much drunk. Sunny tells Kusum how will we find him.

Last updated Aug 26, Kusum comes towards Saras.

Kusum and Kumud are shocked. Kumud is praying to the Lord and asks for help and blessings. Alak says do you know dancing, Kusum would look good to dance with you, she is very charming girl.


Saras taunts her well enough. Pramad says why are you feeling bad, you are reacting like I asked you about your fiance. He asks her to leave. Kusum says she will support him till they get Saras.


Everyone are shocked to see her. Pramad asks what do you mean and asks him to stop the car. Look at most relevant Qubool hai 6 september websites out of Kusum says its my yes without seeing him, if I can stay close to my Didi. Obviously, without intimacy a love story will not last 201 long. And if this draft ll turned into bill then nobody goes hungry aufust no child sleeps with out food.

Saraswatichandra 2nd August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kusum says if I can stay close to my Didi, then its my yes for him. So much drama is best left for the big screen and on a dramatic scale. Saras does not reply. Saras thinks no one can make food like Kumud. She says I came here to tell you that I m the same Kumud, I have not lost anything, so whatever you said is meaningless for me. Kalika says can I help you.

Saras says why are you telling me about your wife, have saraswatichxndra. She asks where is your mangalsutra. Saras controls his anger and gives a stare to Pramad.

Kumud says let her work. His mum comes and asks what happened. He says Saras that your parents are lucky to get a son like you. And he became a Lord after saving Kumud, you should meet him first.


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Saraswatichandra 21st August Written Update – DesiTellyBox

He asks Saras to tell him about him. Everyone are shocked as Saras tells Kusum. His mum scolds him but he does not understand. Pramad says I get special wine here, lets drink together. Desitvbxo closes the door. Saras says you are right, I did not know that day why I am alive, but I got a reason to live now, and also want to give a reason to you.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Saras stops the car.

25 september 2013 written episode of qubool hai

Kumud comes to Saras and knocks at his door. The Episode starts with Ishita saying your mum is calling you.

Budhidhan says lets start the arrangements.