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What He Wants to Reveal to Dr. The rival trafficker was not charged. Women Who Snap 5 years ago. Jared says his ex-wife, Chandra, is a deadbeat mom who has failed to pay her court-ordered child support. Saving Morgan Ep 22 Oct 10, New York “soccer mom madam” Anna Gristina, who has pleaded guilty of promoting prostitution. Ep 32 Oct 24,

Lynn says her mother has called her names, hit her and turned her whole family against her; her mother says Lynn will stop at nothing to get attention. Barely Escaping a Fetal Abduction? Phone and email pzellerbach rivcoda. Psychic medium John Edward; a man frantically prepares for the end of the world; a woman obsessed with psychics; a year-old survives the unthinkable. To participate in anti-human trafficking advocacy projects, email Dr. Anorexic and Drug Addicted:

A Family Secret, a Family Struggle 5 years ago.

His Girlfriend Robbed Him Blind 6 years ago. Mom or Dad 5 years ago.

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Leland Yee D-San Francisco discusses new legislation that may help teens like Sara receive more compassionate sentences. Explosive Relationships Ep Apr 18, Sara was tried as an adult, convicted of the murder of G.

Abandoned by Our Mom Ep Apr 12, A woman has trouble coping after she finds out she was the result of an affair. Can Bodhi Be Helped? My Son Picked the Wrong Fiancee 6 years ago. Sudden Tragedy, Lasting Grief 6 years ago. Below Rock Bottom 5 years ago. Absentee Mom, Clueless Dad? Then, Kim says her year-old son, Brayton, steals, runs away and has even called in a fake bomb threat at school.


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The Epispde Ep 5 Sep 17, Are My Children in a Cult? Ep Apr 16, She must kill G. And, how will Danny react to her decision? The Trouble With Tiffani 6 years ago.

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A year-old schizophrenic spends her days in an imaginary world; a young woman says she has replaced her schizophrenia medication with dangerous street drugs. In her jailhouse interview, Kruzzn describes how she met G. Ep 2 Sep 12, The Man Behind the Murder Headlines 6 years ago. Erica confronts the mother who looked the other way while she was being molested; Karen meets the recipient of her deceased daughter’s heart; author Ffull Albom.

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Give Me Back My Son 5 years ago. We wonder what choice vr would have made, and how it must be to live such a story by the age of Ep 34 Oct 26, Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Amanda is unsure whether or not to leave her husband, who was caught in an online sex sting and sentenced to prison; Seri is considering letting her ex-boyfriend back into her life after she says he made her a prostitute and kept all the money. A couple come face to face with the man they believe murdered their daughter and learn the results of his polygraph test.


A year-old soccer mom, out on bail, discusses accusations of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution empire. Rebecca says her sister has betrayed her by sleeping with the important men in her life; Steve says his girlfriend keeps stealing his money.

Two Amandas Ep 30 Oct 22, Ep 31 Oct 23, How Children Grieve 6 years ago. Plus, hear about new legislation that may help teens like Sara receive more dg sentences. Crazy, Stupid Love Ep 75 Jan 7, Despite a childhood fraught with abuse, Sara’s path initially held promise.

Phil help Danny rein in his anger and controlling ways?